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    Birthdate vs due date

    Does anyone know any statistics for how many babies are born before their due date?

    My first child was born 1 week early. Now 36 wks with second child, hoping it will be early too.

    Anyone have any personal experiences on subsequent pregnancy labours?


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    Sep 2004

    Amanda you probably don't want to hear from me..... but

    first son was born early at 38 weeks and second son was late at 42 weeks. blahhhhhhhhhh was i ****ty!!!!! but the labour was much easier and very very very quick, if that's any consulation......

    this pregnancy i am hoping for just on time

    good luck


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    My first was born 15 days early (induced) and my 2nd born 11 days early (induced)


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    Jan 2004

    I went into labour on my due date - which was a friday, and DD was born 2 days later on Sunday!


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    I read somewhere that 5% of bubs are born on their due date, with 40% being born a week before and 40% a week later... of course the remainder is other sides of that. It is probably outdated by now who knows, but I know most Obs wont let you go more than two weeks over these days, in fact I think it's more like 10 for many Obs!
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    I think I have actually read that the 5% is now 4% but what is 1% between friends LOL


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    Nov 2004

    My brother (who is a doctor) says that it is REALLY rare for babies to be born on their due dates, it's somewhere between 3-6% that are born on due date.

    About 90% are born within a week of due date.

    But then again, doesn't it all depend on what "due date" really is!

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    Amanda4152 Guest

    Thanks for the replies

    Thanks for all of the replies ladies, they have been a great help. Not stressing as much.

    I am 100% of my due date, because it is an IVF baby.

    I have also heard that IVF babies have a greater chance of being born early. Any comments???


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    Melinda Guest

    I'd heard exactly the same stats as Kelly. I can't say I've heard anything about IVF babies being born early though, so I can't help you there!

    Jacob was almost a week overdue (and boy did I know it LOL!)

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    Oct 2003
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    LMAO ellen!!!

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    Nov 2003
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    I had the first 3 late by, 10 days, 7 days and 9 days, then surprise of all surprises the 4th was 2 days ealy according to my LMP, however the ultrasound date they gave was the 2nd and that was the day she was born.

    I think my doc seemed to think with 3 late babies I would be more likely to go late again, so she surprised us all.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Nov 2003

    Joshua was 3 days early, am hoping the same for this one hehe

    take care

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    Jul 2004
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    Aidyn was 7 days early.
    I went into labour the very day after the midwife said we may as well book my induction now (for 10 days after my due date) as there was no sign of labour happening anytime soon!! HA, I showed her!! (and she ended up being the one that delivered Aidyn the very next day, LOL!)

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    Sep 2004
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    I heard from somewhere that if you have a short menstrual cycle usually, you may be more likely to have an early baby. This was the case with me, as my cycle is around 26 days and my baby came almost 3 weeks early (but was still 7lb12oz).

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    Sep 2004


    I am going through IVF right now and have also heard and read that IVF bubs are slightly more likely to come early, but I think it is only 10% more likely (just love statistics - they mean nothing do they!?).

    Really hope the bubs comes when you are ready and he/she is happy and healthy and is not too stressful for you.... All the best!