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Thread: Birthing choices and SPD

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    Squirt Guest

    Default Birthing choices and SPD

    Hi all,

    I have just been told that I have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfuction) where the pelvis is unstable (due to excessive relaxin hormones). It seems that I have had this from about week 9ish and I just thought it was a back problem. It is now getting worse.

    Has anyone had this? What has been your choice for delivery?

    Thanks in advance 8-[

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    Janet Guest


    Mamas with SPD need to know some things about better positions for birthing but otherwise your birthing potential is unaffected. Water birth is particularly great as it's so physically supportive. There is GREAT information on many good midwifery websites about this, so try a google. I'm sure Kelly would have stuff on her site too. Elective caesarean just isn't necessary.

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    bruky Guest


    Hi Squirt

    Yep I have had it and its not nice at was worse with my last pregnancy and some days getting out of bed was really hard for the first few steps (i have no idea why..presume its cause you are resting all night then have to move??) turning over in bed is hard too.

    I had my DD on my side, she came so fast I didnt give SPD a thought in the whole process...I have a problem where now it seems to have come back.

    After having my DD last week its only now that I feel like I've had a baby in terms of how my body is feeling. I am hoping that it settles down midwife today said that there is still some pregnancy hormomes raging in my body and given the ordeal that our bodies go through it might just need time to settle and get back to normal...failing that there is physio available

    Speak to your care provider next about it...dont leave it until you are in lots of pain with it, you can get a belt that will help alleviate the pain and I have heard its great O

    Keep your knees together as much as you can too like when getting in and out of bed or the car...prevent separation as much as you can

    Good luck sweet...I hope I havent scared you does go away...not sure which baby this is for you but I am also sorry to say it gets worse with each subsequent pregnancy...but I am learning so does everything else

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    Squirt Guest


    Thank you so much for sharing your experience Bruky - your baby is gorgeous! You certainly did not put me off

    It has gotten worse, and unfortunately I have been advised to only walk (with a full brace on) and wear a brace day and night. I have been informed that I will need to leave work earlier than expected.

    The baby is quite large and my placenta is anterior. I have been advised to seriously consider a c-section. A scary thought. I have been informed that with the current state of my pelvis (the bone is inflamed) that it may become very difficult to walk for some time if I attempt a 'natural birth'

    How was your labour Bruky?

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    MichelleBrissyMum Guest


    Yep I HAVE it atm with bub #3 and I first had it with #2. I am currently wearing an extremely uncomfortable support belt but it has relived the pain so much, I am seeing the pysio at the hospital on a regular basis too. Mine strated at 18wks this time and 30wks with the previous preg. I had a normal delivery with #2 and am hoping to do the same this time, I still have 12wks to go so fingers crossed. Anyway I delivered laying on my back, a position I was discouraged from but the only way I could get comfortable thankfully it was a 5hr labour and only about 40mins were laying. I also had no problems after the birth with the pain except maybe a couple of days. I don't know whether that was any help but I thought I would share anyway.....

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    Squirt, Just wondeing how you are getting on? If you have already had bub yet or still hanging in there with your SPD? and how have you been coping?
    all the girls in June were wondering where some ppl have gotten to it would be great if you git a chnace to pop in June buddies and update us on how the two of you are.
    hope all is well

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    I had bad SPD with both my kids, I'd say it was worse second time round. I managed to have a wonderful active birth with seth (VBAC) and he was born with me in the kneeling position hunched over the bed. It was an awesome experience and my pelivis didn't limit me as much as I thought it would.


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    Squirt, don't know whether you've had bub yet or not but thought I'd share my experience. I have had PSD/SPD with all of my pregnancies in varing degree, I really think it was worst with my 2nd pg and this pregnancy it hasn't been as bad. But it didn't really affect my labouring as I think with pain being relative that the pain transfered to my back. I have posterior babies, they don't engage, just bob around I also have anterior placentas. I have had 4 vaginal births and hope to have another one very shortly.

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