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    Default breech bub..

    Can you still have a natural birth if the baby is bum first?

    This is proberly a stupid question.. lol.. i have no idea..

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    Hi Mizzsocial

    There are still a few place that will let you birth a breech baby but these places a few and far between. However you still have time for your baby to turn.

    Here are a few tips to help this baby turn.
    Spend at least 20 mins a day on elbows and knees. (bum up head down)
    Put a radio under your bump and plat music to your baby.
    Shine a tourch into your tummy from under your bump

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    Check out the spinning babies website, also some books, 'Breech Birth Woman Wise' by Maggie Banks and 'The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth' by Henci Goer.

    It is possible to be born breech if you are thinking logistically? But in terms of finding someone happy to do it, can be harder! If you are in Melbourne try Lionel Steinberg.
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