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Thread: cervix 2cm open and 1cm long - advice please

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    Question cervix 2cm open and 1cm long - advice please

    Just a quick question. I saw my OB today and she did a VE and said my cervix was softening, was 1cm long and 2 cm open (I guess she meant 2cm dilated).

    Is this a good sign for an early arrival?

    DS was 2 weeks late and was born via emergency CS and I don't remember the OB saying anything about cervix length or being "open" early.

    You'd think I"d know being my 2nd bub but Ewans birth was so horrid and "managed" that I don't think I actually paid attention to all the normal signs.

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    Hey Kris, I don't know about 'length', but I believe that if this is your 2nd bub, your cervix may have had a head start in the dilation department, so doesn't necessarily mean baby will come early. Having said that, there's no harm in doing everything you can to encourage the situation LOL. Going for walks, climbing stairs, straddling chairs (keeping pelvis open), bouncing on fitball etc, to keep bubs head moving down and therefore signalling to your cervix that it should continue to open on up.
    Ooooooh, not long now! I'm so excited for you!

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    Kris, the fact that your cervix is 1 cm in length means that it has started effacing, or thinning out. 2cms is your dilation and Snacks is right, because this is your second bub your cervix would have already been slightly open to begin with.

    I was 3cms dilated for a good week atleast before I went into labour with Tehya.

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    With DD, my first, i was 25-50% effaced and 2 cm open at 39+5 and she was born on 41+4. In fact around 4 hours before she was born i was still 25-50% ffeced and 2-3cm dilated....


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    Hey kris

    some great practical advice here

    its great that your cervix is means your hormone levels are peaking for the onset of labor...which can still be a few days away

    also as this is your 2nd pregnancy...your cervix will naturally be termed a multi os (which is the opening of the cervix and multi simply meaning this is not your first pregnancy) which would admit one finger and be classified as 1cm. As your cerivx is 2 cms this is good. With subsequent pregnancies the cervix thins and opens at the same basically your body is doing the slow and steady work for you over a few days before the start of labor...

    so soon to be new mama...relax, read a book, get a all things you wont be doing when your precious bundle is here.

    cant wait to hear all about it

    good luck
    xx yogababy

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