thread: Dating U/S Due Date Vs D.D

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    Dating U/S Due Date Vs D.D

    Hey There,

    I was just wondering, for those of you who had a dating u/s (prior to 12 weeks), whether your actual date of delivery was close or not. They say that an u/s performed before 12 weeks is accurate to within 3 days either way. I am just looking to see whether these are really accurate and how much it comes down to the individual bubby.

    My EDD from my LMP would have been 7 July, but i had two dating U/S and they both showed that bubby would be due 1 July, i have a feeling (although i dont want to say it as im sure i will jinx myself that i am going to come either really soon or on the 4th).

    Id love to hear your stories

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    8,944 LMP date was 1st June or 31st May depending on which article you looked at , my first scan DD was 3rd June, my second scan was 5th June and Matilda was born on the 17th HTH!

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    hehehe this is so freaky, I dropped hubby off at work today thinking about when this question was going to pop up again.

    Simple, easy answer is to go by your LMP. While claimed to be accurate, ultrasound is often very inaccurate, I have heard plenty of cases of misdiagnosis and inaccuracies - it's so common. There is a great Australian book written by a leader in the industry about "Prenatal Diagnosis" by Lachlan De Crispigny (sp?) - which is a great read.

    Remember - your body is completely unique, the figures and measurements in a scan are based on averages and stats. Both of my children came no where near their due dates and only 5% of babies are born on their due date.
    Kelly xx

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    I just wanted to add - I know we all want to meet our bubbies asap and would love an earlier date - if you accept this earlier date, you may have more pressure to be induced sooner, when your date based on LMP is a whole week behind. So bubs might not be ready to come out yet, but based on the clock, your medical carer may decide bubs should be ready. Trust your body and your baby - he will come when it is time. Unless there is a medical reason for induction, I would let bubs do his thing and base yourself on the 7th - inductions are not nice for mum or baby, especially when there is no reason for it.
    Kelly xx

    Creator of, doula, writer and mother of three amazing children
    Author of Want To Be A Doula? Everything You Need To Know
    In 2015 I went Around The World + Kids!
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    Thanks for your replies guys.

    Kelly - in particular i want to thank you as i too am quite against being induced. Im very impatient though so im just going to trust my bub as too when s/he is ready. I think i feel s/he might come a little early as its been measuring big the whole time, but then again when did bubbas ever listen to rules??

    I really have too just go with it dont i??

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    I charted with both Olivia and this pregnancy and so I knew the LMP date adn the conception and ovulation date and my scans have been accurate adn in line with the EDD given by the LMP.

    I agree with Kelly......always go on the furthest date minimise the option of an early induction & to avoid all the "onlookers" continually asking you "have you had the baby yet?"!!

    (Olivia was 4 days overdue and very overcooked looking with eaps of dry skin.....but this was a small proce to pay for a natural drug free no stitches bith, becasue she came when she wanted to.......)

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    Mum said that I did and I was 5 days late.

    Kam was slightly and he was 2wks early, but lachlan wasn't at all and he was just under 2wks early. (both induced)


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    Jillian, Matthew was 6 days overdue and he wasn`t overcooked at all, no cracked or dry skin at all on him.

    Take Care


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    I had no LMP date as I had nooooo idea about my cycles when I conceived.
    The scan I had at 6 wks put me as due on 7th May, and Aidyn was born 5 days earlier than that - on the 2nd. My waters broke on the 1st, but I wasnt having contractions, so I was induced.
    Although he was supposedly 5 days early, he did have dry and peeling skin around his wrists and ankles... but I dont know if that is normal or not for all babies?

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    Matilda was really dry & had peeling & cracked skin as well

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    My LMP date was 11th May, and my scan date was 19th May. I chose to use the later date because I figured if bubs was earlier I'd be thrilled, but if I were expecting her to come around the 11th, and she didn't come, I'd become impatient.

    She was induced (due to PIH) on 20th May, and born on the 21st.

    She had quite dry skin at birth...and looked a little ovecooked.

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    This is an interesting post, because I am having a dating ultrasound tomorrow... thoguh I am worried it is a little early (4 weeks). My GP aske dwhen my LMP was and I said 26th April, but also explained to her that my cycles are all stuffed up from being on the pill, and I actually ovulated on cycle day 38..... so was around 4 weeks pregnant... she said I could be 8 weeks, because of my LMP, but I KNOW I am not.... I should haev taken my chart in (see link below!)

    Anyway, it may be too early to see anybody in there... but I'll let you know in 8 months when baby comes, as to how accurate it was!

    Did anyone else have an ultrasound this early? Did you see anything or not?

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    Apple my first US was at 7 weeks. But I would imagine that at this stage they would only be able to see a sac, which is a great thing! They will measure that to get how far along you are.

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    Apple I think at 4 wks they are looking for a gestational sac that's in the right place (i.e. not ectopic). Beyond that I don't think you'll see a fetal pole (embryo) or even a yolk sac.

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

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    With Maddy I had no idea when she was due until I returned to Asustralia alreadsy more than halfway & 23ish wks (Can't remember exactly)
    They said she was due on 19th Nov, she was born on 26th after waters breaking on 24th & finally being induced on the 26th, but she was not so wrinkly, perfect in everyway!

    With this one I had been temping & charting but lost a baby the month before & so was just kind of waiting for AF, so have no idea when I actually o'd etc!!

    I was thinking about this the other day & when I was charting with the M/C pregnancy I was due on August 13th, based on my LMP, but I was approx 5w & a few days when I lost baby & now this babies due date is 13th Sept, I am so confused as i would have thought there'd need to be atleast 6 wks difference in dates???? :-k

    Hmmmm, a bit confusing I think! :-k :-k :-k :-k

    I guess that's why I am not paid heaps to be a Dr, coz I so don't get it!!!!?

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    My EDD is 11Nov
    at 6 wk scan bub measured 6 weeks 1 day
    at 12 week scan bub measured 12 weeks 4 days

    both times I was told that my due date should stay the same, I'm maybe just having a big baby.

    next scan is on Monday so will have to wait & see what they say then.

    When I was born, they either mustn't have been as ready to induce labor, or my mum had really strong will power because I was 30 days over, due 8 June, born 8 July, and very scaly. Mum said they did a weird xray thingy where they wrappen her up in some sort of lead blanket & xrayed her belly to check that her dates were really right, which they were.

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    Mason was born on his due date and Angus was 5 days over.

    I have a friend who had her due date brought forward by three weeks. She wasn't fazed because she knew the date when she conceived. Her baby was born 10 days overdue. She was a big baby 12lb 2oz and 55.5 cm long so maybe this was why they thought she was further along than she really was.