thread: was it easier the second time?

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    Mar 2004

    was it easier the second time?

    I had a dreadful labour with Yasin. This time I'm hoping that things will go more smoothly and I might suceed in having a natural labour but frankly I'm not counting on it. I've read that labour is easier the second time but I'm wondering how true that really is. For some reason I'm feeling a bit cynical and thinking that probably the only people who have smooth second labours are those who had drama free first labours.
    Did anyone here manage an a natural labour the second time after a difficult first labour?

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    No - the second time I had a c-section (after the first had been a long, natural birth), but I can tell you this - it is easier emotionally the second time! Mind over matter....

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    Melinda Guest

    A friend of mine had a bit of a complicated labour with her first. She found it quite traumatic and was very worried about how the labour would go with her second. After her second was born, I distinctly remember her saying that she "didn't think that things could have gone any better". She had a great 2nd labour and felt really good about the whole experience.

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    Nov 2003
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    Second time round for me was soo much easier.

    I felt more in control and as I was 'experienced' I was able to express my needs more clearly and firmly. My first labour was dramatic and had lots of prob. esp. with the placenta.(wont go into it) I was so fearful it would all happen again but it could not have gone better. My body also knew what to do.

    I would also say that due to the better labour my recovery was much better. By six weeks I was saying, "I'm ready for the next one" First labour I was so drained and sore till at least 3months. I didn't dare think of trying for number two until at least six months.

    Everyone is different and every labour is different. This is just what happened to me. AND I can say this time, I am looking forward two when I will be pg again to deliver baby #3

    All the best dachlostar

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    Custardtart Guest

    The labour itself was much, much easier the second time around - both because I knew a bit of what to expect, and because it was quicker. That said, I did have some complications that didn't occur the first time around, but every labour is different.


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    mooshie Guest


    i had a terrible first labour - waters broke no contractions, drip inserted and real intense contractions between 1 and 2mins from 8am till dd was born at 5pm, i was also pushing for 2hrs and was just about read to have a c-section with ob said he would try forceps - thankfully that worked - i had gas (made me vomit) and pethidene, i was s--t scared of having an epidural.

    #2 all natural no drugs contractions started at home 4am he was born at 12pm not a bad labour.

    #3 well lani, i was so lucky - gel induction - and born 1hr after 1st contraction again no drugs however i do remember asking for an epidural just as her head was crowning lol.

    you will be fine don't try and stress about it, i remember the final few weeks prg with lani saying to dh i am to scared to give birth again lol.

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    I had an uncomplicated birth first time around.
    With the second it was really fast and pushing him out was easier and quicker, I still tore though.

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    Mar 2004


    I had a difficult first labour too, the one advantage of it being I at least didn't feel any pain because of the epidural.

    With Grace I wouldn't say that it was any easier - I had no drugs this time around so was in a lot of pain - but I did have a natural labour and I felt more in control of the whole thing, which made it a better birth for me. I did still haemorrage though, so my second birth was not drama free.

    I think if you want to have a natural birth you can definitely have it, as long as you are relatively low risk. Don't think that because you had a difficult first labour that that means your second will be that same, nothing is set in stone. At the same time you have to be prepared for anything to happen.

    I think the best thing you can do when preparing for labour is to always keep your options open and try not to stress. If you want a natural birth, try to achieve that goal, but don't feel bad if it doesn't happen the way you wanted. Don't let your first birth be a pre-requisite for your second, because if you go into it feeling negative it will make the experience harder for you.


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    Oct 2004
    Outer Eastern Subs - Melb

    Yes oh yes, oh yes!

    My DD took 31 hours to come into this world. Contractions at 8 minutes apart for the first 12 hours then 5 minutes for at least 8 hours. The rest is a blur apart from the fact in the end it was an epidural after 29 hours after trying gas, having had my waters broken after 22 hours... Ummm can't remember a lot of the blur in-between due to exhaustion.

    My DS took 5 hours. 1 hour of 5 minute apart contractions. 3/4 hour 2 minute apart contractions. Then 90 second apart contractions. Fully dialated within 4 1/2 hours from first contractions - 2 hours of being in hospital. Second stage took only 30 minutes compared to over 2 1/2 hours with DD. Only used gas with DS.

    Would go back for another child based on DS's labour in a heartbeat even though I was quite scared prior to his arrival based upon DD's labour.

    Hope your second labour goes well for you

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    As I have mentioned somewhere here before, second babies often fly out LOL! They tend to be quicker labours and if you had a fast first labour, you wouldn't want to be disorganised for your second!

    I had an unpleasant birth with Marisa, was augmented, waters broken, epidural etc and also thought there was so way I could manage a natural birth. But Elijah was completely natural - I arrived in hospital at 9cms not even expecting to be anywhere near that!

    Your body has been stretched in ways it hasn't been before and is experienced in the journey of birth - so I am sure you will find some things will be easier in that regard. Of course it doesn't guarantee things will be perfect, but generally easier, especially on mum who has a better idea about what is going on in her body.
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