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Thread: Encouraging labour with natural methods

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    My SIL is now overdue and is incredibly uncomfortable and just cant wait to meet her bub, yet there has so far been not a single contraction or cramp.

    So thought Id bring this post back up and see if anyone had any other ideas of what can help and to maybe assist some of you who might be hoping contractions start soon....


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    Default something that worked

    I was 10 days overdue and scheduled for an induction. My neighbour told me about some pressure points in the foot that induce labour but requires at least 2 hours of massage. So my MIL and DH took a foot each and massaged the ankle area for over 2 hours! It made the contractions start up, alright! The massage was rather uncomfortable, I have to say, because of the contractions. However, after a night of mild contractions, they faded off again. The next night I made the poor guys do it again, but they rebelled after an hour. Spoil sports. Still, it started mild contractions again. The next morning, I woke up with a hot feeling in my stomach which stayed there all day, followed by backaches mid afternoon, and then proper contractions around 6pm.

    It's the only method I've discovered that has any success at all.

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