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    Just wondering if anyone else has been using an epi-no to prepare for birth. It is a balloon type thing that you insert into your vagina and then pump it up to stretch the skin, supposed to lessen the chance of an episiotomy. Am at 8.5cm now, would like to get to 10 b/f the birth but getting some pubic bone pain. Wanting to know if this has happened to anyone else, or if anyone has some success stories for having used it.


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    Sorry never heard of it but it sound like a fabulous little tool to help prepare, check with the supplier if the pelvic pain is supposed to hapeen, but even if you never go 10cm with the epi-no it will still have helped prepare the way!!

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    That's a great idea. Our antenatal class gave out a vaginal stretching leaflet and I couldn't do it. I felt a bit dirty for some reason. I wish I had though. Anything to aviod tearing!

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    I didn't use that but we did do some exercises, and no tear for me! And Felix had a BIG head!

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