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    just wondering the side effects of epidural on the baby?

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    Epidurals - Real Risks for Mum and Baby is a well referenced article by Dr Sarah Buckley.
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    Hollo - this is out of "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer (read this yesterday so that's why I thought of it ). Thought it might be helpful (aswell as the artcle that Kelly suggested ):

    Pros: Epidurals almost always completely eliminate pain while leaving you awake and alert. In a difficult labour, epidurals can transform what otherwise would be a harrowing experience into a positive one. In some cases, epidurals seem to promote progress in labours that have gotten "stuck".

    Cons: Epidurals slow labour (then there's more about the affects on you... but that's not what you're asking so I skip to the bit about the affect on the baby). Some data suggest that epidurals increase the probability of actual infection to the baby.
    The procedure itself, apart from the drugs involved, can cause problems. An epinephrine test dose can cause fetal distress..... in the newborn, epidurals may cause adverse physical and behavioral effects.
    Some women will experience a considerable drop in blood pressure....This may endanger the baby if it is not promptly recognized and countermeasures taken.
    Anesthetic...readily passes into the maternal blood vessels and crosses the placenta into the babies circulation. Here, it may act directly to slow the fetal heart...
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