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    Feeling different...

    I'm just over 37 weeks and last Friday my midwife said bubs is almost fully engaged (to 1/5 above brim). On Saturday and Sunday nights, even though I was very tired I couldn't sleep due to all sorts of symptoms - headache, nausea, heartburn, leg cramps and the occasional period-type cramp. I've been getting BH for a while but this is just tightening, no pain. Last night my back was sore too, but constant ache, not just with the BH.

    I guess what I want to know is whether this can go on and on for ages with me having awful nights when I toss around so much DH can't sleep, or whether maybe all these different sensations means something's happening? Through the day I feel pretty much normal except for some lingering nausea.

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    I think our bodies prepare for labour before it happens. I started having similar symptoms around 38 weeks. I also had painful BH's happen for a few hours & then go away for a few days etc etc... I have known women to have pre-labour for a few days and some for a few weeks.

    My midwives had good advice, if you take a panadol & it goes away, go to sleep if you take a panadol and it continues on, start walking

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    donella - as you know for me these pains were definately things happening. i had the back pain and kept telling myself that it was nothing and would go on for weeks, but 2 days later my waters broke and labour began....

    i hope things happen for you soon...