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Thread: feeling dissapointed and depressed *vent*

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    Default feeling dissapointed and depressed *vent*

    well i have been feeling this way for the last week or so, because i am overdue AGAIN! i was really hoping that i would be able to go into labour naturally with this pregnancy and have done just about everything in my power to help that happen.

    firstly, i charted so i know when i convieved, making the due date more accurate. secondly, had an early dating scan which are supposedly more accurate in predicting due dates (which by the way came up with the same due date as from the charting software i used) i have been doing things to make this pregnancy a lot healthier like more exercise, yoga, pilates etc. i have been taking RLT since start of third tri, had massage sessions using oils that are conducive to encouraging labour, had accupuncture, had a S&S, extra sex, and still NOTHING.

    at first i thought i was being depressed because of all the waiting and seeing just about everyone i know in real life and on here having their babies early or on time, but as my induction is booked in for tomorrow i realise its not the waiting that has been my problem its the fact that my body doesnt seem to be able to go into labour on its own and that i will never experience the natural build up of labour (cause i probably wont be having anymore children). which means that i am probably going to cave and have another epidural which i dont particularly want.

    i just feel like there is something wrong with me! i know i am gonna have my baby tomorrow or the next day but i cant shake this negative feeling.

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    Huge hugs honey! Your body DOES know how to go into labour, it just needs more time.

    Can you ask for monitoring instead of the induction? You're not even 42 weeks yet, so you should still be considered in the normal range of "due". Some women just bake the little ones for longer.

    Also, you can ask for the lowest possible dose and try and stimulate labour in other ways. I was in prelabour for 18 hours and then spent some skin on skin time with DH and BAM labour started you could just get some gels and try and kick the rest off yourself. That way you will get the slow(er) build up which would be more manageable for you pain-wise.

    GL hun. It must be SO frustrating!

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    I now how u feel... Both pregnancies i have been post date... My DS i went to 43 weeks.... It did happen on its own but needed my waters broken to help a bit. It will happen... I know how u feel though... Its an aweful time waiting anxiously for your baby... GL hopefully not long

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    It is so hard when you go overdue. Would your hospital leave you until Monday? Just to give your body a bit more of a chance? Like Anna said, you could request monitoring instead. They can't force you to be induced if you don't want to be.

    Sending you lots of labour vibes, hopefully your body will beat the induction to it .

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    Listen to Anna, she is wise! It's not that your body can't, it's that it isn't doing it to the doctor's deadline.

    Can you go in and get them to just check what your cervix is doing, whether it's soft and anterior or dilating already, and then just ask for a couple of days for things to happen on their own?

    I hope you have a wonderful birth, regardless of how it is started

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