I was very lucky. One friend told me, 'I won't lie to you, I had a bad time at both births, but I won't tell you about it til you give birth' I really appreciated that. I had another friend who wanted to get into her horror stories, and I just stopped her dead in her tracks and told her I didn't want to hear it as it wouldn't be helpful to me. But that she could swap stories after the birth.

I chose to instead read about births in parenting magazines and such, I found they gave a more balanced story, with more positivity.

I was a bit scared too of giving birth. During the birth a few times I had the thought, 'I'm going to lose my mind and panic!' that was my biggest fear. So I trained myself that when I had that thought during labour to say, 'that's my choice, I don't have to panic'. This seemed to really help, and I was fine. Obviously I did go nutty, which is understandable, but I feel all in all, it went well.

I believe that if we can really try to keep a hold of some positive thoughts, it really does help no matter what gets thrown at you while you're in there.