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Thread: Fitball and Positions during labour

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    Default Fitball and Positions during labour

    Hi girls,

    I bought a fitball and want to use this in my labour and would love to hear how you girls have used it during labour (eg, what positions were the most comfortable and pain easing) and how it helped you through labour or if you intend to use it during labour have you heard of any good positions?


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    Snap to what Tanya has said. I found that position sooooo comfortable that I didn't want to get up!

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    With #1 I spent quite a while draped over the fitball in a kneeling position. It was better than a chair or bed because you can rock backwards and forwards, sway side to side or do the circular pelvis thing (I'm not so good on the technical terms). Plus although it's nice to use your partner as a support, they can't do it for hours and hours on end. It is also good for exercises during pregnancy, post-baby and as a mini-trampoline later on when your baby stands up and wants to bounce around (you wedge it between your legs and something solid, and support your little one under the arms while she jumps).

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