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    hi everyone!

    As u can see from my ticker, 3 days to go! i'm really anxious about going into labour, i'm not nervous as such, i just want it to happen NOW!!

    I see my OB tomorrow at 12pm, i was just wondering how it works that my due date is wednesday, and i see him each Monday... will he tell me to make another appointment for next monday incase i havent had the baby? or would he want to see me before then?

    and also, how far overdue do they generally let you go before being induced?

    oh how the days/housrs/minutes are dragging, i just want to meet my baby!!!!


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    Term is anywhere from 38-42 weeks. Your 'due date' is calculated based on a machine and mathematics, not your own, unique baby and body's cycle.

    Anxiety only slows / stalls labour, you would amazed at the power of your own mind and hormones. Relax, trust that your baby knows what to do and will come when he / she is ready. Go and have a masage! Both myself and Cailin went to have a late pregnancy massage with Tracey Habron (our health professional on the support panel) and both of us went into labour within 48 hours. Relaxation works wonders, lets that oxytocin flow and is great for mum

    We all want to hold our babies the moment we conceive, but the greatest gift you can give your baby is to come when they are ready. Check out [url=] THIS[/url] article here on inductions, called, 'to induce or not induce'.

    An alarmingly high number of women are being induced as a commencement to labour, it's a bit scary.
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