thread: Giving Birth in a Birthing Centre.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    Giving Birth in a Birthing Centre.

    My partner and i are planning to start trying for number 2, i had a c-section with my ds and would love to try for a Vbac this time in a birth center, i was just wondering if anyone knows if after giving birth in the birth center you can stay in hospital longer than the 24 hours that they allow?
    Thanx in advance

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    Marcia Guest

    Hi Naomi, Not sure about independent birth centers but the one I am going to is a birth center in a public hospital. Their policy is that yourself and your partner can both stay for the first 24 hours after you have given birth, after which time you can choose to go home, or if you choose to stay you are then transfered to the womens health ward for the remainder of your stay. I wondered the same thing in the beginning and had a little panic that they were going to throw me out after 24 hours even if I wasn't ready to go home lol!

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    Marcia Guest

    Hey, just noticed you are in Adelaide too! The birth center I am going to is the one at the lyell McEwin (spelling??). I have also heard that the one at the womens & childrens is great, although I couldn't tell you their policy, but I would assume it is probably similar. Hope this helps

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    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    Thank you marcia,
    i am hoping to go to the birth center at flinders medical center because its closer to where i live.
    I am also going to look into the womens and childrens birth center, but apparently they dont allow you in if you have had a prior c-section.

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    Jun 2003

    I was going to say, as far as I knew if you had a previous csect they didn't allow you in birthing center's. As for the 24 hr thing most birth centers I have heard of have a strict 24 hour policy and if you feel the need to stay longer they have to transfer you to the ward. But you could be lucky, I would advise ringing around and finding out what their policy is.

    Goodluck, I would love to hear what you find out!


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    Hi Girls

    Marcia - I just had Lachlan in the new section of Lyell Mc in the birthing/labour suites and I was originally told by one midwife I could stay in there for 24hrs after giving birth, if they weren't busy (that was 3 days before I was induced). I had Lachlan at 10.18pm and was transferred to the Womens Health Ward at 1am but there was only 3 girls in the labour suites at the time myself included so I know they definitely were not busy.

    I think it just depends on what midwife you get. (Don't have Terri if you can help it LOL)

    Love :smt049

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    Marcia Guest

    Kathryn - Typical of a public hospital I guess. All the staff have different ideas about what they want you to do and what they don't. Lol about the don't have Terri part! It's funny because I read Lachlans birth story just after you had him and wondered who the midwife was. I know you didn't seem too impressed by her. I will be keeping my eye out now so I know which one she is, but I guess even if I do that bubs will be the one deciding lol! Incidently, the first midwife I saw in outpatients gave that same impression of not having a clue what she was doing. Wonder if that was her?

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    LOL Terri is short with short hair. Sue is nice I had her when I had Kameron and she was asking me if i wanted pain relief not me asking her. Sue was still working there when I had Lachlan cause I saw her on that Saturday. She said she would probably be seeing me the day I was induced but she must have been assigned to someone else when I arrived.

    Love :smt049