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Thread: Good idea to refuse induction because of high BP?

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    Default Good idea to refuse induction because of high BP?

    For a few months now i've been researching induction and i'm pretty much turned off it now. When i was induced with Lily i was none the wiser and looking back now it's even more traumatic. But i did have pre-eclampsia which i spose was a good reason to do it since i developed it when i was 5 days overdue. But would it have been possible for them to leave me got just that bit longer to see if i'd go into labor myself? My blood preasure reached 158.96 which doesn't seem all that high compared to some others that have gotten pre-eclampsia and there was only a trace of protein in my urine. Chances are i'll get it again this time, though i'm praying i don't. But if i do, can say no to induction? Or is that not a good a idea? I really don't want to be induced this time but if i get pre-eclampsia or just high BP again i feel i won't be in control again.

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    I am so glad you posted this Tegan! I am in the same boat.

    I was also induced with my DD due to pre-eclampsia.

    I would really love a natural birth with no intervention this time.

    My Dr is VERY strict on not inducing unless necessary, I was in hospital 2

    weeks before her birth....fingers crossed for us both this time around :flower:

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    I was induced due to PE at 38 weeks in first pregnancy, but my second pregnancy went fine with no PE. So while it is possible to get it again, it's not 100% so I hope that everything is fine with you and you don't need to worry about induction! I am not sure if it is a good idea to refuse induction when there is a real medical reason for it, it really depends on just how severe the PE is I guess. My BPs were sky high and I had a large amount of protein in my urine, so in my case I believe it was necessary.


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