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Thread: have twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

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    Hi i suffered with twin to twins transfusion at 29 weeks with my twins i was admitted to hospital for complete bed rest for 3 weeks which helped. as soon as i got out of hospital it changed again.... i was told at 36 weeks twin 1 was 3 pound and twins 2 was 5 so i was induced onlly to find out that twin 1 was 4 pound 5 and twin 2 was 5 pound 4. I was so stressed and upset as i had no idea what was going on at all and the dr didnt really help at all. I was only 20 yound and worried as it was my first pregnancy. If you need any advice or want to ask any questions then im always here to help if you need i know exactly what you going through and i wish you all the best.

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    Hope the second procedure went well and that you and the bubs are doing well.

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    Thinking about you and hoping the second operation was a success.

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    I hope that the surgey went OK for you this time. thinking of you

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    Wishing you well!! My mum had this with my twin sisters. Mum was admitted into hospitail at 17 weeks preggers, as she also kept going into early labour. However, Ashley and Carley where born at 24 weeks prem. I still remember how tiny they were. Because of the twin to twin transfusion, Carly took most of the blood and her little heart could not cope. She left us 15 hours after birth. Ashley was a fighter though. She stayed in the hosp for 4 and 1/2 months and then mum got to take her home. Though we guess she missed her sister because not long after being home, and sadly 12 days before christmas, Ashley passed away via cot death.
    That was ten years ago now, and mum never got the surgery you are talking about. So fingers crossed for you and your children, and all should be well as medical science has come a long long way!!!!

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    hope to hear some good news soon

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