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    Hi everyone

    I'm due on Thursday and just wondering if it is 'normal' that my baby's head hasn't engaged yet, I'm worried it means my pelvis it too small or something. The head is down and my ob thinks that something will happen by the end of the week but he also said there are no guarantees. I wish I had asked why the head wasn't engaged now!

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    Yup common, I know many women with first babies included who's babies didn't engage til labour. You may have medical pressure, if you do, ask for evidence that they baby is distressed or in danger. Check out the below article too!

    Pelvis Too Small?
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    My Caty wasn't engaged until labour...had nothing to do with my pelvis size and I birthed her fine. She was born at 40wks 2 days - I'm just saying that cos you mention you're due on thing I learnt from having Caty was that there is no such thing as a due date!
    All the same - hope bubs comes along quickly!

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    A friend of mine who went 10 days early in November with her first baby wasn't engaged either. She had a completely natural birth (5h45mins) at our local birthing centre.

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    Natalie didn't engage until 4 days after the 'due' date. She was born at 41 weeks. I was stressed about it but didn't need to be - she just wasn't ready until then. I know its frustrating when it's so close, but you and your baby still have time.

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    Maddy it's completely normal. I hope things get moving soon for you.

    We kind of had the opposite thing: William's head was engaged for quite some time before he was actually born. Going into the 42nd week, my cervix was completely unripe but his head was locked right in there.

    They've all got their own timetables, it seems.

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