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Thread: "High Risk", second baby - natural birth possible?

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    Default "High Risk", second baby - natural birth possible?

    I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my second baby.
    My daughter was born in 2004 - basic rundown of my labour and birth:
    - Gestational diabetes so classified as "high risk"
    - Water began leaking at 36w2d - was admitted (public hosp) and given 12 hours for labour to start
    - Labour didn't start - had no more than a mild backache - synotocin started
    - Laboured 10 hours with gas, had epidural
    - Emily delivered (with ventouse) another 8 hrs later. No episiotomy, just a small tear.

    Although on paper it was a lot of intervention, we both came through it well and I am not at all disappointed in the way her birth went.
    Next time however, since this is my last baby, I would like to do things with a little less intervention.
    But since I had GD and PROM with her, and will probably have GD again, I am already classified as high risk and am I'm not quite sure where to start with a birth plan....what are my options if all this happens again? What sorts of things could be done differently? At this stage I'm seeing an OB delivering in a private hospital.

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    Flea, my first labour was full of intervention finishing in a c/section. After reading and discussing different options this time around we decided on having a professional support birth attendant to help me through. Also I've read quite a few books that have helped me make my decision.

    I'm not entirely disregarding medical intervention with high risk pregnancies, but at the same time this time around I'm labeled high risk, but it doesn't mean I have to have as much intervention and I know now the choices I do have. One thing you must also have is an OB who will support you.

    A few good books I've read recently are; The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer and Silent Knife by Cohen...

    I'm going to Redlands Public Hospital in Cleveland and they are supportive of more natural births and will accept high risk pregnancies as well as they are a full hospital. Good luck!

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    I have been high risk with both my pregnancies and this pregnancy I was classed as high risk again today. I have had two vaginal births (both induced both episiotomy). I am pushing for non inducement this time.

    I was borderline GD with my first and ended up being induced cause of pre-eclampsia. I was under the GD threshold with my 2nd and was induced because he was small for dates (turned out he wasn't as small as they were expecting)



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    Default I've writen something up in the GD & PE Forum which you may be interested in.
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