thread: How to bring on contractions!

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    How to bring on contractions!

    Hi ladies,

    At my ob appt yesterday he said the baby is very low down and ready to come but just needs contractions to get him moving. So, this got me quite excited and I have decided to try anything to get those contractions started. A bit worried nothing will work as if I have had Braxton Hicks during my pregnancy, I have hardly felt them. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!

    I also asked ob if I was overdue when the earliest was I could be induced, and he said Boxing Day, so as you can imagine, I am desperate to get bubs moving!!



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    Hi Jessica & Welcome...
    There is a whole thread somewhere about things to help bring on the process!
    Not sure any actually worked, they suggest sex, curries, walking, cod liver oil...
    I went exactly a week over, I was very big & oh... So ready!!!!
    Good Luck, maybe someone else can direct you to thread... GOOD LUCK!

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    Methods to bring on labour....

    Hi Jess.......

    Here is the link.......

    Best of luck!

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    We told you what to try last night. Maybe you canhave a glass of orange juice with some castor oil in it or a milkshake with some in it. I have never tried it but apparently it can help labour start because it makes you start pooing and is supposed to bring on contractions. Other than that, sex, nipple stimulation, curry, clary sage oil - mix it with a carrier oil and massage into your tummy or burn it in an oil burner, raspberry tea is supposed to help too, it doesn't taste that bad either.

    Other than that you can just try sitting back and waiting - not much fun though.

    Take care

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    I had Liam 10 days early. I went shopping with Mum all day and walked everywhere and had a chilli quarter pounder for lunch and Nachos and mudcake for dinner (mudcake was for DH birthday) and 11 pm that night my waters broke. Donno if that helps but try lotsa walking and a chilli quarter pounder!!

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    One Sunday morning my hubby and I were "practising" the natural induction technique of sex two days before my little man's EDD. Well, just as I started to eat my breakfast, my waters broke.... and 8.5 hours later my son was born.... Was it the sex or was it time anyway, who knows!!!!

    Note: sex not advisable if your waters have already broken

    Just thought I would add my two cents


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    Thanks for all the tips, I went to McDonalds last night and the Chilli Quarter Pounder deal has finished again, I was devastated! I have been walking a lot and getting out, but it seems the best thing for me to do is BD, but to be honest I am a little scared (haven't BD'd since this bubs was conceived!).


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    cathy Guest

    hey jess,

    well im with you i was really worried about bonking through the pregnancy also and we hadnt since bub was conceived either... until last night and it was amazing! im soooooo ready for this baby to come out i just want contractions to start or my waters to break and i dont like the sounds of that castor oil stuff and my midwife said at my 39week appointment that bonking can bring it on but the sex needs to be a little rompy pompy ( they were her exact words ) nothing too gentle as the cervix needs to be stimulated and the semen apparently ripens it up. I also asked about if i went over my due date ( which is this coming wednesday the 15th ) whats the earliest id be induced? and they told me boxing day aswell sooo cant wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway give it a try i cant wait for hubby to come home i wanna do it again!!!!!!!
    But yeah if waters break dont do it as it can cause infection apparently! Good luck buddy Hope things get moving for us O