thread: How did your labour start?

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    Dec 2005

    How did your labour start?

    Ive never gone into labour naturally so all this is new to me. I know what an induced labour feels like but not spontaneous labour.

    Did you see a mucous plug or have a show?

    How did it start - waters breaking, full on contractions, period cramping, lower backache.............?

    If it started with cramping and/or backache, when did it turn into real contractions?

    Did you get any other odd "signs" like nausea/vomitting/heaviness in thighs or legs, headaches, sharp pains..................?

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    Dec 2007
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    No plug or show for me.

    Both times it was waters breaking that started it all. First time a gush while in bed, second time a trickle after peeing. Then contractions starting and building up very quickly after that.

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    Apr 2008
    The Purple House, Sydney

    A few back tinges, a feeling of heaviness in my belly, and a day or two beforehand I noticed I could suddenly feel my ribs again

    Unfortunatley, for me, the next step was blood- a lot of it. The hospital ob decided the blood was 'just a show'.

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Vic

    For me it was back ache, period pain, that started at about 11pm, then by about 4am had turned into contractions - a different pain, tightening, at the front instead of back.

    My waters didn't break until about 6pm that evening, so over 12 hours since labour started!

    I didn't have a show either... My obs said I possibly lost my plug really slowly, as I had heavy discharge in the weeks leading up to birth.

    I also had loose bowel movements the day before and vomitting when the contractions started.

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    Mar 2008
    North Northcote

    for me it was intense (and i mean INTENSE) spurt of energy in the morning (i was surprised at how good i felt!), followed by in the mid morning by loose motions, then i noticed that DD started kicking furiously (which i later recognised was her fighting against the tightenting of contractions (she did this the whole labour LOL!). fell asleep absolutely exhausted and woke on the couch in the late afternoon to my waters breaking. first a pop, then a medium trickle, stood up and a gush.


    active labour started 6 hours later.

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    Feb 2009

    First time it was the show. Last time it was 2 weeks of pre-labour. Oddly, sometimes you don't notice the show. Apparently that time I missed the show AND my membranes rupturing. O.o

    I basically ignore any contraction that doesnt have me reaching for support. Until you get them, it could be anything that has nothing to do with actual labour.

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    Oct 2006

    My labour was preceeded by a period of restlessness - I literally could not sit down.
    Contractions felt like pretty strong period pain to start with, in both belly and back. Gradually intensified as I tried to sleep. Active labour started about 10 hours later, once I had walked up and down my very steep driveway about 6 times. I tried to use the positioning of my body to encourage DD to move her back to my front, which resulted in less back pain.
    I lost my plug bit by bit as labour progressed - could see little streaks of it on the paper each time I peed.
    My waters were broken for me by the midwife when I arrived at hospital - I was 6cm dilated.

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    Oct 2006

    No plug or show or other sign for me. I got up at 2am thinking I needed to pee but it was my waters and as soon as I got out of bed they gushed. Contractions started about 5 minutes after that.

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    Feb 2006

    first labour absolutly no prelabour, waters started 'leaking' in bed one morning after i rolled over, was induced 27 hours later.
    second lots of prelabour, nausea etc.. weeks prior. morning of birth woke with period pain and 8 min contractions, waters started 'leaking' around 2 hours later,

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    Jul 2006

    DD1 - I had 5 nights of pre labour bh contractions between 6pm and midnight. 24 hours before the actual labour started I had a show. On the night I went into labour my waters broke at the stroke of midnight and established labour started 3 hours later.

    DD2 - I had a show and 12 hours later around 1am in the morning I woke up with a hugh sharp pain. Contractions started a 5 mins apart and were 3 mins apart 1 hour later. My water did not break this time.

    Goodluck hon...your time is approaching

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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    Here's a BellyBelly article Anna - Labour Signs - Could I be in Early Labour?

    For Riv my contractions just started, 8 mins apart, and built from there. No warning beforehand apart from that I was really crabby.
    For Si my waters broke and labour started about 15mins after that.

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    Dec 2005

    Thanks for your input guys!

    So in other words, I could be in pre labour or early labour...........or nothing at all

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    Oct 2007
    Eastern Wheatbelt WA

    Well my waters broke. I then sat for two weeks in pre-labour, which consisted of a mix of real contractions, BH's, back pain and nausea.
    At the end of two weeks I woke up with contractions coming hard and fast and thats when I was transferred to the labour ward in Established labour.

    All the best, I hope it all goes well for you!

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    Aug 2006

    Both times I had a show, the second time it was quite bloody which freaked me out, it was very different to my first show.

    First time I had baaaaad prelabour pain for 2 days, she was born on the 3rd day (I consider I was in labour for 3 days, bad pain, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep because of contractions etc). Second time contractions started about an hour after my show and I was in established labour probably within 2 hours, he was born 5 hours later.

    They say third labours are unpredictable so Im prepared for anything when the time comes!

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    Jul 2006

    Anna - Are you having some pains hon????

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    Nov 2007
    Off with the fairies.

    Both times I had a show and lower bach ache. I didn't get to feel my waters breaking by themselves.

    I don't really remember if I had any prelabour stuff with DS1, but with DS2 I had it like 2 weeks before he was born, then I got the flu so it all kinda stopped, then when I was feeling better, BOOM it kick started again but worse and he was born. Only a 4hr labour.

    I hope it all goes well and your little mister comes into the world soon.


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    Dec 2005

    Yeah Bek, here and there. Nothing major though but considering I didnt find either of the other labours esp painful til close to transition (and they were inductions!) Im a bit concerned I wont clue in til its too late........we live a fair way from the hospital and my midwife has already had one client birth at home and not the birth centre because it went fast (the hospital had a spack attack) so Im trying to make a concious effort NOT to do it to her so she doesnt get into trouble

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    Jul 2006

    Can your middy come over and check dialation? Trust your intution hon