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Thread: How low can the babies

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    Default How low can the babies

    head get before labour starts ? or something happens ?

    At my last 3 u/s they have been checking the head and it's been very low down. So i was wondering if i would go in to labour at all. Sorry if this all sounds silly but it's been playing on my mind since last nights scan.

    Is there anything i can do to get labour started ?

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    Its not really to do with position but when the hormones kick in from the placenta (when baby is ready) from what they understand. Trying to get labour started on your own so early isn't a good idea, I would try and hang out longer. Even if baby is bigger, lower down etc it isnt a reliable indicator of maturity... sorry hon...
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    Thanks Kelly.
    Looks like i have another 4wks till i get to meet bubs then unless the PE starts getting worse.

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