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Thread: How worried should I be??...

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    Exclamation How worried should I be??...

    Has this happened to anyone else & should I be really worried??

    With my DD I never really had BH or pre-labour contractions. I had to be induced at 41 weeks, so I don't have much to compare this with...

    This past week has been an extremely stressful week, with family issues, DD not sleeping & on friday a car accident that pushed in the rear passenger door of my car. (Luckily DD was not in the car!) Everything seemed all right so I was not too worried, the baby is & was still moving lots & lots & aside from a sore neck I felt fine.

    Yesterday though I started getting mild contractions that were not regular, only in the front of my belly, weren't very long or painful. So even though my lower back has been a constant ache for this past week I chalked it up to BH, took some panadol & went to bed as usual.

    Today though they hit full force in the afternoon & were regular, I felt them all around my lower back, around my front, a bit into my upper thighs & they were also starting to radiate up my abdomen too & they didn't go away with changing position, moving or telling them to stop didn't work...

    So I went into hospital to be monitored. The babies heartbeat ranged from 127 all the way up to 180 & off the monitor, but the contractions, which I still felt through the whole process as often as every few minutes, didn't register higher then 25 on the monitor.

    So I waited until my dr arrived & she gave me an internal & said my cervix was still fairly long & still closed. Then she gave me a script for nifedipine & said to take it easy for the next few weeks & hopefully things slow down for at least 3 more weeks...

    After taking the meds things have slowed, though I still have the lower back ache & some pressure in my lower abdomen too, but very few if any contractions to speak of so far. It has been about 2.5 hours since I took the tablet..

    Should I be worried about going into preterm labour? Or just relax, take it easy & not worry it was probably just very strong BH?? I thought they were not supposed to be regular or painful like they were this afternoon??

    Confused now as to what to think

    Any suggestions or similar experiences??

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    Hi seandrea,
    sorry dont have a lot of advice to offer but I know its depressing when no-one answers your post so thought I'd pass on my best wishes.
    I remember last time I was about 33 weeks or so having an afternoon of SEVERE pain/cramping. I was really worried I was in labour and was interstate at work at the time so was stressed! I took (quite a) few pandol and had a bath and after a few hours it went away. It was actually after Id been on my feet all day and so I concluded it was just general wear and tear if you know what I mean. The only thing was, it wasn't sort of a regular pain - it was more constant.
    I think we can all get lots of strange pains in the last months of preg, so hopefully it is just that for you. Dont hesitate to go back to hosp if you are at all worried.
    Good luck - and tkae it easy!!

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    i was induced at 41 weeks with my DD.. and as my labour with her was only 1 1/2 hours i was so nervous about every niggle and cramp when pg with DS..

    Its really hard to know what to expect and as i was induced, not knowing if it was the real deal.. or just my body preparing itself for the wonderful event about to happen.. So stressful..

    You have had a horrid week, i really hope that you are able to rest and take it easy..Can someone help with your daughter and household chores??

    I would just call the hospy if you needed to talk to the midwife at least they will be able to help you if you are worried.

    take care xoxo

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    Hope someone can help you out more but just thought I would post and say I had similar feelings late in my pg and my BH came regularly and were uncomfortable but felt differnt to real contractions (hard to discribe) Could you maybe ring the hossy and check?

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    This happened to me too!
    I was 33 weeks with my son and I had an episode of contractions that lasted on and off (most mostly on) nearly all day. They were just as you described - quite painful and radiating down into my legs, back etc and I couldn't get them to stop.
    I was home alone with my DD which was the only thing that stopped me going to the hospital, I'd already had one baby and they were starting to feel like the real deal to me.
    Thankfully they did stop on their own and it didn't happen again - DS was induced at 38 weeks.
    A few days later I had my OB appointment and he checked me and I was still closed and long so he put it down to BH - but I got a severe telling off for not going to the hospital.

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    Well, the medication seems to mostly work..I am still getting contractions close to the time I am due to take another tablet, some of them quite strong.

    I still feel very nauseous on a constant basis (especially during & after a contraction) & am still having lower back pain as well as period like cramping across my lower abdomen on a regular basis too.

    My next OB appt. is not til the first week of April & she didn't seem too worried when I saw her in hospital on Monday, so am really at a loss as to whether I should be worried or not too...

    At least I know I'm not alone in this happening too...

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    just always remember that if you are not feeling "wright" call your OB, thats whats shes there for or call your maternity ward at the hospital and if you need to go into hospital for a few days to be monitered get them to admit you. all the best xxoox

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