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Thread: Which hypno method have you used?

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    tru Guest

    Default Which hypno method have you used?


    We want to experience a hypnobirth for our first bub due in November and Im interested in the hypnosis methods other women have used or are using.

    Please provide as much info on your experience as you are comfortable with, ie. Method name, location, book/CD titles, prices, etc.

    I've read the Marie Mongan method is very popular and I'd love to do a course but as they are quite expensive Im looking at just getting some CDs and books for now.

    Has anyone used the "Relaxation for Natural Child Birth" CDs by Dr Alan Fahey?

    Look forward to your responses,


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    Sal Guest


    Hi Tru, not sure that you will be able to keep those links in your post.

    I used the Hypbirth method, as I wanted to do it in the privacy of my own home. It cost me about $250 to order the CDs/DVD in from the US but I thought it was great. I was extremely relaxed in the weeks leading up to the birth. If you are interested in this, I might consider posting in the Buy/Sell/Swap Forum and see if you want to buy my set.

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    tru Guest


    Thanks Sal
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    Sal Guest


    No worries Tru

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