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    Wondering if anyone has had or investigated a hypnobirth experience? I have used hypnotherapy in the past and I am interested in using hypnotism during my next labour. I would love to hear anyone's experiences or recommendations!

    I really like my hypnotherapist but I wouldn't be comfortable having him present during my labour or delivery, so any recommendations for good books would be great too. TIA.

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    There are a lot of good books out there, I used the Mongan method for my last labour. I really enjoyed the calmness it brought to my birth as well as the lead up and post birth experiences. I am sure someone will come in soon and give some other books to look at.

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    Thanks, ryatha. I've never heard of the Mongan method... off to Google it!

    Ideally, I would love to be placed in a hypnotic state by my normal hypno during my labour, but this is just not realistic for a variety of reasons!

    If anyone is reading and hasn't been hypnotised, it is a state of such calm but you definitely still have absolute awareness and control of your actions. I have previously used hypno for pain control and found it to be unbelievably effective - the sensation I felt was no longer pain at all. Difficult to describe, but I'd love to learn more about using these techniques during labour and delivery.

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    I was able to do it to myself during my labour, I 'lost' about 4 hours after they put the drip in. DH said is was growling and swearing but have no memory of it! I did a hypnobirthing course when I was 6 months pregnant, I believe they are available in Adelaide and Melbourne, but I don't know about the other states.

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    Oooh... I'm in Melbourne! Just ordered two books from Amazon, one on the Mongan method (thanks!) and one on self-hypnosis.

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