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Thread: hypnobirthing anyone tried & tested?

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    Default hypnobirthing anyone tried & tested?

    hi belly mummys...

    hypnobirthing anyone tried & tested?

    pls share some stories or materials...

    thx & take care....

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    Hi, there is an article on the main site about hypnobirthing that may be of interest, please click [URL=""]HERE[/URL] if you wish to read it.

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    hey angi_wee,

    As a Birth Attendant I have supported women who have done HypnoBirthing, I think it makes a difference for sure, in varying degrees - some women find that they become very instinctive in labour and don't do as much as they thought they would, but got more out of it in terms of confidence and learning about birth, their body and how capable it can be.

    Check out the article and have a chat to some people who run the classes - always helps to chat to them to find out more. Make sure they are registered HypnoBirth teachers - there are people out there practicing as hypnobirthers and have not done the course. If it's the real one, it will be HypnoBirthing (with the capitals where they are) and a registered trademark after it.
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