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Thread: Independent Midwife?

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    Default Independent Midwife?

    Alan's poll has got me thinking...

    How do you find an independent midwife?

    What do they do? ie all your apps, the birth etc

    How much do they cost? average?

    Do the hospitals have some say as to if you can use one or not?

    Any info would be appreciated!
    em xx

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    Kelly xx

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    As Kelly said.....log onto Maternitry Coalition and hit the MIPPS link.
    An independent midwife can offer you any or all of your care on an individual basis.
    Antenatal visits usually in your own home, Birth support in hospital or birth care at home, postnatal care following your home or hospital birth.
    Costs are set by each midwife and they would be happy to discuss those with you before yuo hire them. Some an hourly rate, some a set fee. Many Private health funds offer rebates for Private Midwifery Services, but they also vary, check with your fund.
    For me it was money well spent to get the birth I wanted and cheaper than a private obs.
    Some women choose to also have some care wit a doctor for the purpose often of ordering blood tests, ultrasounds, any drugs. (Shared Care)

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