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Thread: induced with cervidil..

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    Default induced with cervidil..

    My due date was yesterday(1st may), after seeing my doctor today he said he would like to induce me next tuesday using cevidil???

    If anyone out there has also been induced using this or knows some information i would greatly appreciate your story or opinion....because i am freaking out just thinking about it...


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    If the only reason he would like you induced is because of your due date, you can say no. You are classed as full term from 38-42 weeks of pregnancy and given ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate for picking dates (3-5% of babies born on their due date) you have every right to refuse if both you and baby are healthy. You can negotiate and ask for a scan, and given that the amniotic fluid is fine and placenta function okay, you can keep going. No-one can force a decision on you; ultimately all decisions about your care can be made by you.

    There is an article on induction on the main site which is comprehensive about induction including an explaination of the induction drugs including cervadil. All the best!
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