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    Default inducing?

    im booked in to be induced on thursday night and was wondering what everyone else's experience has been like? and how long after they have applied the gel did it take 4 things to start happing?

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    Jessie, where are you going?

    I had the gels & had 2 lots first. The first one went in at 4pm and the second 10pm. At 11pm my hind waters released & I started feeling small contractions. The midwives gave me a sleeping tablet & I slept until 3am when things got a bit more uncomfortable. I phoned DH & had him come in and nothing really progressed until 8am when my waters were released. the meantime check out the main sites article on natural induction methods. You may be able to get things started earlier yourself!! I am going in for acupuncture in the Valley on Monday to help prepare...

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    I had the gel put in at 10am on the Friday and then a second lot of gel put in at 4pm. Had loads of braxton hicks all night. Waters broke naturally at 11pm. Contractions got a bit more intense. Next morning(Saturday) everything stopped though, so at 9am had synto drip put in. Contractions started straight away and was in established labour at 10am. Had her 5 hours later.

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    Kameron - Gels inserted about 9pm on a Fri night. Next lot of gels around 7am the Sat morning, 2cm dilated so waters broken at 2pm on Saturday arvo. Kameron born at 3.24pm Sat arvo.

    Lachlan - Was already 1cm dilated. Gel inserted at 4.30ish on the Monday arvo, Labour started approx 6.30pm, waters broken at 7cm dilated (not sure on time probably about 9.30pm possibly later) and Lachlan born at 10.18pm


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    Never had gel with DS. OB put me straight onto drip and then broke my waters by 2.00pm I was still only 4 cms dilated and baby had fetal distress ended up having a emergency c-section.

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    Hi there

    I was 1cm dialated upon check in at the hospital for inducement. I had 2 lots of gel, one at 9pm and the 2nd at 8am the next morning, only bought me to 2cm enough to break my waters. Had to have the drip after that to move things along to get regular and strong contractions. My labour was very long and slow even with induction and ended up in emergency c/s due to a bone being in the way of my pelvis. If I had known this before I would have had an elective c/s. The girl who checked in the same time as me she had 1 lot of gel around 9pm and her labour progressed rapidly and she had her baby at 3am in the morning, unfortunately by c/s also as there was a complication but just wanted to show you that her labour progressed from 1 lot of gel unlike mine


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    I had 1 lot of gel, at 10:30am.
    After the 1 hour that I stayed at the hospital and was monitred, I started having period like pain etc, dull-ish.

    I went home and was told to be back at the hospital by 5pm, so we did that.

    By the time I got there the pains were a bit stronger, nothing regular but enough for them to not bother with a second lot of gels - reg. contractions started at about7pm, proper labour at about 9ish, and Milo was born at 3:45am the next day.

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    One lot of gel at midnight, already was 1cm dilated, labour started very quickly at 1am, at 8am I had my waters broken, and after that its all a blur!!

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    I was Induced.

    Went in at 9am on a Wednesday and had Gel at 12pm,after the 6 hour wait I was examined and was only 2cm and my cervix was still high up,so my waters couldnt be broken.So at 6pm I had another Gel.Waited again for 6 hours and was examined at 12am the next day Thursday,and I was 3cm.They were on about giving me another Gel,but I said I wanted my waters broken because I had my 7 month pregnant niece looking after my kids.So the midwife said she would ask the Doctor and he examined me and said he could just about get to break my waters and so he did.After 2 hours still no real contractions only Braxton hicks,so They put me on a drip to start the contractions off stronger,within half an hour they started to get abit stronger,then another half an hour they become painful.Labour is more painful when being Induced and after 2 hours of these really painful contractions I gave in and asked for an Epidural. My strong contractions started at 3am and by 7.31am Kai was born.

    But this was the second time I have been Induced and the Gel has never done much for me and I would have had a third lot of it this time round if I didnt insist on them breaking my waters.Not many woman go into labour with one lot,lucky if they do.

    Good luck with your induction

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    Check out the link in my sig for more detailed induction info
    Kelly xx

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    I was induced using cervil.. it was applied at 9pm and my waters broke at 1.30am and i delivered at 3.47am....

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    I had the drip with DS and it started at 8am and i had delivered at 12:55pm. So just under 5 hours. Although the contractions were VERY strong and uncomfortable i would try and start your labour yourself.
    Goodluck with it all,

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    I had the Gel at 8pm, started getting contractions at 2am, had my waters broken around 7am, had DS at 8.15am. I only had one lot of gel.

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    I had one dose of gel at about 9am, was in early labour (2cm) when I came back at 3pm for the next dose. They did a stretch and sweep, and I went home at about 4:30 to labour very hard in our bathtub on all fours (with the shower on my back)
    Got back to the hossy about 6:30pm, and was fully dialated by about 7:30 I guess. Things got a little messy after that (well they were pretty messy before hand too....) but I had a forceps assisted birth at about 11pm that night.

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    I had one dose of gel inserted at 6pm Monday evening, contractions started at 2am Tuesday morning, Waters broken manually at 8am and 4cm dilated, Drip inserted at 10.30am and Amber was born at 8.03pm

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Hmmm.... I had my first dose of gel in the morning (Wednesday) then another in the afternoon (nothing much had happened). I was admitted because of high BP so spent the night in hospital with a little period pain. Had another dose of gel the next morning (it hurt like hell!) after having a rough night of bad period pain. I had a slight show with the 3rd dose.
    I couldn't sit, lay down or walk any great distance because of all the pressure and pain. I was kind of being ignored so I demanded to go home for a couple of hours which was nice.
    The next morning (Friday) I had a show so things were moving along slowly.
    I was told I was going to possibly have my waters broken only to be told I was having yet another dose of gel! I started crying because I was in so much pain but wasn't having proper "contractions" just pain from the gel. I asked them if a 4th dose of gel would make my labour progress but they couldn't say with any kind of certainty. So I refused and demanded to be allowed to go home (being in hospital with a bunch of Mum's that had already had their babies sucked big-time!). I had been monitored like crazy and I was getting sick of the CTG machines.
    So I went home and was ok over night and was a bit ouchy on Saturday but by Sunday, I was in agony. I went into the hospital on Sunday night to have my BP checked... basically they could do nothing so I was sent home with some pain killers. I had a really rough night on the couch... screaming out in agony every 10 minutes.
    Monday morning we went back into the hospital where a gruff doctor did an internal and announced that my waters were able to be broken - he'd just have to check if the birthing suites weren't full (like I cared!!).
    I went down and had my waters broken and labour started (which felt exactly the same as what I had been experiencing over the last 5 days).

    That's the basic version. There's a more detailed version on Gabby's website under the journal (scroll down to the end).
    Basically, I had one of those horror inductions because it was done WAY too early. I assumed that labour would start a lot quicker than it did, that's for sure!
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