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    tess_noone Guest

    Inducing Labour Naturally


    Im new to the first of all I want to say a big hello.

    I was just wondering if any of you know of any natural methods of inducing labour?

    If I go over my estimated date, I'd prefer not to be induced at the hospital as I want things to be as natural as possible.

    38 wks - Due 4/5/05


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    Nov 2003

    hey there theresa,

    i just wanted to welcome you to belly belly i see your from perth iam from Albany originally, living in adelaide atm..

    i dont have any ideas on getting things started, i did eat fresh pineapple with my last pregnancy, and he came 3 days early, so was thinking of trying the same thing lol just incase..

    good luck and hope to see you around more

    take care

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    Sep 2004
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    Hi Theresa,

    welcome to BB. If you do a google search with Inducing labour naturally you will find quite a few pages.

    I have a good one, If you want it email me wnad I will send you the address.

    Take care

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    Jun 2003

    I tried Evening Primrose Oil, Curry, Sex (and lots of it), walking, and even tried nipple stimulation and she still came 3 days too late I have heard of castor oil, but I would be too scared to try that after hearing some bad things.

    Welcome to BB and goodluck!


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    Jul 2004

    Welcome to bellybelly Theresa.

    Yes i wouldnt recommend caster oil, it can make baby pass meconium(poop). I tried everything too but had to be induced a week overdue.

    Sex only makes your cervix soft and nipple stimulation is suppose to make you dilate as both are the same things they use to induce you.

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    Boo Bella Guest

    Welcome Theresa,

    I know of a 3 people who tried acupuncture and all 3 ended up going into labour within 5 hours of the acupuncture. One of the girls labour started within 45 minutes after she had the acupuncture done. It would be worth a try as it would not hurt the baby either way. I would never try castor oil. A friend of mine gave me some aromatherapy (sp) oils that are supposed to stimulate labour but it did not work, I think I could have poured it all over me and it still would not have worked. I still ended up going 14 days over with my 3rd!!

    Good Luck,

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    Aug 2004
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    Theresa Welcome to Belly Belly :wave:

    I`m Deeanne, I`m due to have my first baby 1 week before you on 27th April, a little boy.

    I`m like you would prefer not to be induced, I have been taking Raspberry Leaf Tablets since I was 32 weeks but haven`t tried anything else.

    Good Luck.

    Take Care


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    mooshie Guest

    hi theresa and welcome to bb

    i tried walking around 3 - 5kms each day, sex as much as possible, nipple stimulation, curries, i even vacummed and mopped the floors twice in one day to try and bring on labour - i was still induced via gel at 10 days over - in a way i suppose i was lucky cause she was born in around 1hr and if i wasn't at the hospital already she would have been born in the car lol.

    good luck

    ps 6th may is a good day for a bubby - my ds was born on 6/5/2000 - mind you he was due 23rd april but thats another story lol

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi Theresa and welcome to BellyBelly!

    We have had another thread on this subject before, so if you want to read some more ideas CLICK HERE!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Yep there's heaps of good info there. I tried curry, spicey foods, walking 2kms a day sometimes twice, sex, rasberry leaf tea & tablets, and even castor oil when I was 14 days overdue and I was still induced at 16 days overdue because they really didn't want me to go anymore overdue.

    I hadn't tried acupuncture! If there is a next time, thats definately something to think about!

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    Aug 2004

    I tried everything (except acupuncture and castor oil) - nothing worked! Its good at taking your mind off things though!

    I was induced at 11 days over, only one dose of gel, and my baby was persistantly posterior - meaning nothing was gunna make her turn, and she was delivered by forceps. Yuck. Dont do it without an epidural. Felt everything but no pain. Evidently she was ready to come out, and had tried a few times to make an appearance, but the bad positioning kept stopping labour.

    The prostin gel they use is the equivalent of 15 ejaculations so I was told. Thats a pretty great man who can perform that well!!

    Hopefully you dont go over, but I gotta say - the waiting part of it and the pregnancy discomfort is probably going to be worse than being induced. They were 11 days from hell.....

    Good luck!! Roll on due babies!!

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    May 2004

    Hi Theresa, :wave:

    Welcome to BB. I am afraid I can't help you re your question about inducing labor naturally as nothing worked for me and my son was 3 days late.

    Just wanted to welcome you.

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    Jan 2005
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    My 2nd DS was 5 days overdue and I tried nipple twiddling, a bit of BDing, walking and I even went for a long drive over bumpy roads as I was trying to make use of Murpys Law - you know hours away from the hospital and you go into labour. I don't think anything really worked on it's own.

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    lozelijah Guest

    I had false labour on the tuesday for 24hours which on helped loosen the mucous plug, was booked in for an induction for the following week but deperately didnt want that done so on the thursday and friday i had accupuncture, saturday burnt clary sage ALL day thought my waters started leaking and eventually had that checked by the midwife who suggested I go home and take castor oil i knew what it did but still othough ok I can do this so i too kit within 5 hours I was stuck to the loo but it did bring on labour we headed to the hospital a couple of hours later
    I wouldnt recommend the castor oil to anyone and would only take it myself in the face of a pitocin induction but I certainly believe everything else played its part and Elijah being ready to be born too.