With Maddy my waters had broken about 30 hours before & I had a constant leaking, so a nasty B!TCH of a MW said she would just check how things were going & I swear she had elephant fingers & I nearly went through the roof... she was such a B!TCH, I started vomiting blood & my Mum panicked seeing me her daughter in such a bad way, Maddy was also distressed & the fluid was now full of meconium (after her horrid internal!) the MW yelled at my Mum to clam down!!!

Luckily she disappeared as her shift was over & a lovely lady came in & stayed with me the rest of my labour & delivered Maddison on to my chest!!!

With Indah I got to the hospital after labouring at home all day, I arrived just after 10pm, the MW was older & had been delivering at the hospital since 1976. She was gentle, kind & asked if a student was welcome to which I agreed, these ladies cxhatted about life, talked to my Mum & DH & I guess observed me, they asked what I wanted & I said for now just let me do my own thing, I will buzz if/when I need you... So they left me after rubbing my lower back & really encouraging me & making me feel safe & secure & really in a good headspace!!!

As things got a bit stronger I did buzz & didnt really know what i wanted but I guess I wanted the safety & security of knowing a MW was there... JIC! The Trainee asked if I would allow her to do an internal & I thought if I dont let her, how will she ever learn, she was small fingered too!
So she had a bit of a feel & it was uncomfy but not painful.. She said my day of contractions were not doing anything & I amy need to go home, so the older MW came in & asked if she too could have a feel as she seemed to think I was progressing really well... She laughed & told the trainee I'd have had a baby in the car park if I was to leave as that was bulging membranes about to rupture not a closede cervix, they then asked if there was anything I wanted etc...
I buzzed them at midnight coz I was really getting into the pouchy stage now, the MW asked if she could see how I had progressed in the last 30 mins & as I lifted my leg to climb up on the bed my waters burst everywhere & I began pushing & at 12:31am Indah was born... So 2 Internals & I was asked politely both times & not forced into anything!!!

The first stumpy fingered lady needed to learn some manners!