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Thread: internals - are they really nessescary?

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    Once women are fully dilated they almost always ( largely provided they're undrugged and free to move) get a HUGE burst of energy without knowing this information. It's another way to tell without touching a woman where she is in her labour

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    I HATED the idea of internals when I found out I was pg, but my ob hasn't even been interested! Even for the strep b swab at 37 wks he gave me a DIY kit to take home and bring back in.

    Unfortunately, since I had a low placenta I had to have two internal u/s, but they weren't so bad and I didn't feel like I was on 'display'. Now that I have to have a c/s due to placenta previa all I can think about is the indignity of the catheter... Oh well, at least I got to organise my wax beforehand and at the very least I'm looking my 'best'!

    You'd think since we all have pap smears we'd get used to this kind of thing!

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