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Thread: It's just bizarre (or maybe not)...

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    SamiH are you VBACing this time? I can't think of a legit reason they'd offer a section rather than an induction unless you were VBACing and they felt the induction carried too big a risk of rupture...?


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    No, inductions ""worked"" for me, I haven't had a caesar. I can only think of breech too for legit reason for caesar offer if rest of my preg is ok - but just been thinking if I go 41+ and they talk induction and like Tan, having induction when body not ready for labour and ending up in casear anyway etc.

    I'm starting to over analyse I think - I will refocus on the natural preparation methods again and at least this time around I am so fully informed and aware and have a doula, my body and mind will both be ready.

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    Sure can Sami and we will both have brilliant empowered births!

    Bx - brilliant post yet again hun - thanks for the reassurance and info!

    ETA - missed the second page! Sami - I'm the same hun and will be RTL and EPO'ing nad acupuncturing and DTD'ing and everything else possible to make this happen!

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