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Thread: Labour???

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    Unhappy Labour???

    I am in my 40th week of pregnancy. Last week at my prenatal visit .. the doctor told me the baby was still floating(not in the birthing position).
    Well this sunday I started to have mild contrations around 1pm and they kept coming longer and well about 5-7 minutes apart, at around 10 pm they starting to be stronger.. I was feeling thing in my lower back as well... so I decided to go to the hospital. The nurse checked me and she told me that I was definitly in early labour and that I was starting to dilate at one. She sent me home... well the contractions kept coming during all through the night strong enough for me to rock them away. In the morning they had were still coming.. so decided to go check out again at the hospital. Well the nurse checked me out and started to moniter me... to my surprise they started to die down.. they were around 10 to 15 minutes apart and not as strong...and well unconsistant. So they check me I was still dilated the same as the night before.. 1cm..and the baby is still very high! So they sent me home. Since then...I almost dont have contractions... 1 every hour or so..
    Is this normal????? I am worried my baby is not going to come down and I wont dilate more... Is there something I should do???
    I have tried the castor oil and it did do anything....I've been going for walks...
    I have a prenatal visit with my doctor on thursday...
    Please help me..
    Thank you

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    It's not unusual for contractions to die down once you reach the hospital - it ALWAYS happens to me.

    Don't worry if the baby hasn't 'dropped' our bodies don't always follow the text books.

    Feel assured that the more your body prepares itself slowly, the more prepared your body will be when full on labour sets in. You might be one of the lucky ones that has a quick, easy birth.

    Trust that your body will develop into the next stages of labour when all the natural triggers tell it to. Our bodies are amazing.

    Regarding the castor oil. How much did you take and what day did you take it? Have you noticed a loose bowel movement in the last few days?

    Walking is great. Make sure you don't exhaust yourself too much though!

    Heat (weet) packs or hot showers / baths are a God'-scent, they really relax me and allow my body to progress.

    All the best, keep us posted on your progress.

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    Ooh i was going crazy in the last few weeks wanting my daughter to come out.
    I hope you get to meet your little one very soon.

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    Adele, I know it is frustrating, but it sounds to me like your baby will take its own sweet time whilst your body prepares.......

    With my daughter Lexie (who was born six months ago) I had the "early labour" signs you describe for around a month!

    It was a real workout, and I ended up having a very short and easy labour and an easy natural birth, so I hope that happens for you too........

    I was very active (walked a lot, ran round after two toddlers etc) in the month before I gave birth, despite the contractions......hell, I was still serving breakfast and changing nappies on my toddlers at 8am and I gave birth at 10am, LOL!

    Have faith that your body is preparing you and your baby......and good luck....

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