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Thread: Link between treatment for abnormal cells and C/S???

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    Question Link between treatment for abnormal cells and C/S???

    The more I think about the more I need to get down and debrief my birth in detail but more of that later.

    What I have been wondering and I'm no doctor obviously but has there ever been a link made between people having biopsies and laser treatment for abnormal cells in the cervix after pap smears, and a higher c /s rate?

    I wonder if that is why after 36 hours of EVERYTHING(gel, ARM, Syntocin, Epidural) and getting to almost 10cms that the dr said no you can't push, your cervix is (posterior/high and a number of other things I can't remember) plus she was still posterior and only 3/5 engaged.

    I realise there are many other factors with my birth but I wonder if the treatment I have had previously may have impacted on what happened?

    Any thoughts experience appreciated!
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    I don't know Tan, but here's my experience.

    I have had two lots of treatment on my cervix for CIN. My cervix dilated at a 'normal' rate during labour, especially considering he was posterior. 9 hours from start of contrax until fully dilated. The problems I had during the second stage were due to Nicky being malpositioned, nobody mentioned anything to do with my cervix.

    But I'm just one example, who knows, there might be something in your theory!

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    My friend had to have laser treatment on her cervix and was warned at the time it might lead to scarring which could make labour longer, but luckily she healed up really well. A posterior cervix is one which hasn't come forwards at the onset of labour, it cannot dilate past about 4 unless it has come forwards. Your baby could have been slow to descend though and not well down on the back of the cervix. This happened to my SIL, she was waiting at 10cm for about 90 minutes for the head to descend so she could push (she'd had the epidural so she was ok with waiting). Her baby was posterior, not her cervix, could he have meant that? You could try pulling your labour notes and seeing what was written down there at the time.


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    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I have never actually thought about this and it's a good question you raise..... I had laser treatment about 12mths before falling pregnant. In labour my OB checked my progress when we arrived at hospital. I was 4cm dilated and as he was doing the internal he asked me if I had had cervical treament as he could feel the scar (he obviously didn't have my medical history in front of him at that moment in time). He then did a 'stretch' to move the cervix past the scarring (hurt like hell) and my baby was born naturally 2 hours after this. I believe my Dr's early internal exam assisted the quick progress of my labour and successful delivery. I am very thankful to my OB for intervening when he did as I had no idea it could interfere with labour - but it makes sense that it could.

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