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Thread: Low lying placenta?

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    Default Low lying placenta?

    I had my 18w scan yesterday & was told my placenta was quite low.
    It was measuring .6cm from the cervix. The u/s guy said that I will be rescanned at 32 weeks to see how it is going & decide if I need a c/s.

    Has anyone else had this? I had a great delivery with my DD & was so hoping for another NVD. Help??

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    This is a really, really common finding at the 18-20wk scan.
    I had it with my first and was rescanned at 34 weeks and it was well up out of the way and I had my vb.
    As your uterus grows it will most likely open up a gap between the edge of your placenta and cervix. It should be fine, try not to worry about it too much.

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    Low lying placenta is one of the most overdiagnosed findings at the second trimester scan. Alot of sonographers probably wouldn't report it if it wasn't a legal requirement that they report all findings. Often what looks like LLP is actually caused by pressure from a full bladder pushing the placenta down so that it looks like LLP.
    Only about .02% of placentas are still lying so low as to be a problem at term.
    I still had a low lying placenta at 32 weeks but by 36 weeks it had moved out of the way so if your 3rd trimester scan shows that your placenta is still low you could ask for a repeat scan at 36 weeks before consenting to a c-section.

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    Mine had never been mentioned until I had an urgent scan at 32 weeks due to bleeding and early contractions. It was then they said oh it's low and close, 5mm, buts don't panic thats still considered ok - just (I'm pretty sure that was the measurement they mentioned) - although my bubs has gone breech anyway so I've already got another scan at 36 weeks to check its position etc (and will have a c/sect if still breech anyway). I'll try and remember to ask about the placenta as well and get back to you then (this is only three weeks away) with what they say/or how far it has moved.

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    The bottom part of the uterus does most its growing in the last trimester so a vast majority of placentas move up then. Something tiny like .5% of women diagnosed with low lying placenta go on to have placenta praevia. I am still working on finishing this article but it should be up next month! This is not to say that is doesn't happen because it does, but the chances are very low.

    I just can't get over so many women being told at 18weeks they need a caesar because of this - I heard that some women actually are being slotted in for one in at this stage!
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    Thanks for your responses ladies. It is reassuring to know that the placenta will hopefully move up.

    As soon as he put the probe on my belly he said "I may need you to empty your bladder shortly as it is making your placenta look low" It was after I had gone to the toilet that he called in the Professor, had another look & they explained what was going on.

    I will have everything crossed that it moves away from the cervix, I have scans every couple of weeks with my OB at my visits so he can keep an eye on it for me.

    Thanks again!

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    I had a LLP with my 3rd pg. They found it at my 20 week scan. I was told then that I'd probably need a c section so I guess I ws prepared. Noah was and stayed breach the whole pg. I still believe that where the placenta was stopped him from heading south - hey, I can think that Anyway my placenta did move just clear of the cervix but Noah never did turn around so I was booked for an "elective c section" .

    Goodluck and I hope that placenta moves out of the way for you.

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