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    Maternity Pads

    Hey All,

    Just wondering which brand of maternity pad is best/most comfortable after birth? I bought some thin Libra maternity ones, but have been told that the big thick mattress-like ones are more comfortable on the area, and are more effective in the early days after having given birth...

    I want to stock up before the event - any advice anyone?



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    Melinda Guest

    I had both the thick surf-board type variety, and the thinner ones. The thinner ones I had were called "Libra Goodnights" which are for overnight use or for maternity use.

    I had an emergency caesarean, so I didn't have any concerns about sensitivity "down there" but I can say that after using the great big bulky pad things that the midwives told me to use whilst in hospital (which they supplied) I was much happier to switch to the Libra Goodnights which I did a couple of days before I went home. They were a lot more comfortable for me.

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    I did buy some special maternity ones with wings etc, but found that absolutely the best ones were the cheap homebrand big thick pads!

    They made me feel a lot comfier, a lot more secure and they were simply softer. Plus because I usually use tampons for AF, I found the post birth bleeding yukky, and living in a hot climate I was consious of feeling "smelly" all the time, so changed the pad really often, so the cheaper ones were heaps better too!

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    Mar 2004

    At the start when I had really heavy bleeding I used the thick surfboard ones. I felt more secure in them because in my case lochia was way heavier than any period, also I could cut a slit in them and put icypoles down to help things settle down a bit.
    When I stopped using the surfboards I just started using normal super pads and a nighttime pad at night.

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    I went the surfboards too. I bought Kotex Maternity for my first birth which I was happy with, and some ultra thins and Kotex Maternity for the second. As soon as I ran out of ultra thins I was only buying maternity as they felt so much more comfortable and supportive. It felt really weird with the ultra thins, hard to explain!!!
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    Kelly, I`ve brought 4 packs of Kotex Maternity so I`m glad that you`ve used them and where happy with them.

    Take Care


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    Aug 2004

    icy poles?!?!?!

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    Sep 2004
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    I read that you cut a slit in the pad a put icypole in it for relief, they fit nicely in there
    At hospital they gave me a chucks dishcloth that had been wet and folded up and frozen, i just used them they were great.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I used super huge surf board pads too, they did the job....

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    I had icepacks the first time around but the 2nd time i was offered Voltaren Suppositries...... they worked so much better than icepacks.

    I too used Kotex Maternity for the first day or two then switched to Libra Maternity, as they are heaps longer.


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    May 2004

    I have brought what ever has been on special offer. Anything to save money.

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    Aug 2004


    I'm a tampon girl too - and I'm freaked about the pad thing. I've bought 3 different sorts of pads and worded Shane up about the fact that once I have tried all three, he will be going out to get more of the ones I liek best.
    I have Libra maternity, Libra goodnights (which I've heard are good) and I think Stayfree maternity??
    Either way - I'm sure something will work, and they'll probably all be uncomfy anyway!!


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    Sep 2004
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    Wow girls! Pretty good response!

    Thanks for all your replies. I'm a stayfree ultra-thin girl normally (never been keen on tampons for some reason). I will stock up on surfboards I think.

    Love the tip about the chux wipes Serendipity! Will have to take a packet to hospital and get them to freeze them for me!

    Astrolady - thanks for the voltaren tip - I'll buy me some of those too!

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    Jan 2005
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    I think it was libra goodnights that I used.
    The Voltaren suppositories were FABULOUS only problem was they gave me the runs so I had to stop. I swear while I used them there was no pain!

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    Jul 2004

    I used 2 Libra maternity pads at a time. My bleeding only lasted less than 2 weeks though. I find the thicker ones are way too uncomfy for me.

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    Oct 2004
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    LESS THEN 2 WEEKS!!!! YOU LUCKY *****!

    How did you use two at a time? :-k

    I used the Kotex and libra ones too.

    With the Voltaren stuff, I wonder if you could use them just before birth to lessen the pain of pushing the baby out?

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    Jan 2005

    I used the Kotex Maternity pads too, however i bleed that much that one wasn't enough for me I had to wear two at a time which was most uncomfortable as they are soooooooooo big.
    Stocking up is the way to go, i will be doing the same.

    Take care Leah

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    Oct 2004
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    Most say up to 5 -6 weeks but I bled for 11 with my first and about 9 with my second. Everyone is different though