thread: Maybe i will be induced????

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    Sep 2004

    Maybe i will be induced????

    i am going to ask my ob this week how he feels about inducing me 2 weeks early. this is due to having really big babys previously one being over 4 kgs and 2 and half weeks early and my last was 2 weeks overdue and i nearly didn't make it to the labour ward he came so quickly. i have never be induced so am interested in storys about woman who have been induced and the reasons why if people want to share. i don't know how ob will take it. the day i would plan for it is his last day before he goes on 2 weeks holidays so would prefer him to deliver as well as it is the start of school holidays so would fit in beautifully for my older kids. he tells me each time i visit i am going to have another big baby so am just not looking forward to that again! i am actually a bit nervous about asking him because i was so anti it for my last baby and went two weeks over but i guess we can all change our minds. right!!!

    thanks for input
    love beckles

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    Usually the only reason they induce early if there is something medically wrong with the baby. I was induced 15 days early with Kameron and 12 days early with Lachlan cause it was led to believe that both my boys were going to be born under 5lb, so they would do better on the outside than what they were on the in. Contrary to belive though Kameron was smack on 6lb and Lachlan was 6lb 7oz.


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    meg Guest

    HI Beckles, I also may be induced due to a blood clotting problem I have ie. the baby is better out than in. It maybe this Thurs, just waiting to see how the latest growth measurements go on Wed. I too am interested in others stories re inducement. I have one friend who found it much easier than natural birth, two others who failed to progress and went on to caesar and another 2 who just said it hurt like hell but at least it was all over and done with in about 6-8 hours. Not sure what to expect.

    Goodluck, whatever happens for you.

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    Inducement is meant to be alot harder and faster for most people. I was induced twice the first time around and was in labour for 3hrs and 20mins with Kameron. I was induced once with Lachlan and was in labour for 4hrs and 6mins


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    Hi Shannon

    Yep you are right, cause my cervix was still high and firm, and they wanted Kameron out, it took two lots of gels to get me to start dilating. If you have made no progress after the first lot of gels, they redo it again 8hrs later up to a maximum of 3 times. (well that is what my hospital does anyway)

    So I was induced at 10pm on a Friday night and again just after 6am the next morning. They checked me at 2pm just before doing the 3rd lot and i was 2cm dilated so they broke my waters instead, and Kam was born 1hr and 20mins later.

    I was already 1cm dilated before I had the first lot of gels with Lachlan, which were done around 4.30pm. Had waters broken sometime after 9pm when it was discoverd i was 7cm dilated, and she only checked because i said it felt like my insides were about to fall out LMAO, and I was really groaning thru contractions. No Epidural.


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    I was induced with Cairenn at 38 weeks - with epidural. She got stuck but eventually came out lol!! That birth was hard and painful but mainly because she was posterior presentation.

    With Liam, I was induced at 36w 6d and had another epidural. His birth was a pleasure and much easier, then again, he was only 6lb 7oz where Cairenn was 8lb.

    I had my inductions due to gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, and expect the same again this time round. Oh and I will definately have another epidural.

    All you can do is ask (or beg)!!

    Best wishes

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    Jul 2004

    I was induced at 40w 6d due to pre eclampsia. I had to have 2 lots of gels, my waters broke naturally and I had the drip the next day. My pelvis was a bit small for her(she was 9lb 7oz) so first her head got stuck, so they used vacuum extraction, then when they got her head out her shoulders got stuck so the doctor had to get is hands in there and pull her out. Mind you I did this without an epidural. Just had gas and pethadine. All up it was approx a 5hr labor. I don't think I wanna be induced again. Gets very restricting. Next time I was told I should have an elective caesar, coz this will probably happen again.

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    katanya Guest

    I was induced being overdue as well, I had a fairly easy time compared to some, but certainly wouldn't choose to have an induction again.

    I doubt they will induce at your request as the risk for intervention for a preterm baby is quite high and unless there is another reason, having a very large baby could be considered a risk if you are small and have a history of very large babies and complications I guess?

    I needed 3 rounds of gels and these were given over a couple of days and finally on day they broke my waters and put me on the hormone drip..still took awhile to start..I lasted 3 hours without an epidural (or should I say 2 because it took an hour to come) the worst thing about it was having to sit back with the foetal monitor on and be tied to the bed, it is vertually impossible to sustain any natural pain relieving methods without being able to move or rock..and the heat pack I had wasn't doing enough..
    The epidural was WONDERFUL
    Labour from consistant contractions: 7 hours..the last bit was easy!

    Still would prefer to go natural next time if I can manage to actually get into spontanious labour!

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    I was induced because Matilda was 17 days overdue and it was that or straight to caesarian...and I begged to try naturally. The gels got things started slowly but once the drip was in it was awful... the contractions went from dull aches and movement would settle the worse ones to feeling like I was hit by a truck came on really hard after that.

    I wouldn't want to be induced again.

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    I have to agree with the inductions not being so nice. Have a chat with your Ob and see what he/she thinks, but with Marisa, she stopped at 5cms and wouldn't go, so I was put on a drip. The contractions came very hard and fast, on top of each other and wouldn't stop... then I needed an epidural. Pretty much most of the time when you need one intervention you need another - I think it's safe to say if you are induced or augmented you'll probably have an epidural. But not all the time.

    With Elijah he was completely natural because I was admitted into hospital too late. The contractions still hurt, but the break between them took some sort of edge off. I didn't scream hysterically like the augmentation and was able to get a grip on some form of breathing.

    I don't mean to scare you into anything else - ultimately you have to make the choice. This is just what I found and what I hear a great deal. I was really upset to hear I needed to be augmented with a drip because I heard from so many women before that it was more painful.
    Kelly xx

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    Sep 2004

    thanks for all of your responses. it sounds like my labour is similar to an induction anyway.

    i go from nothing to my first contraction being a full on contraction that are 2 minutes apart, i don't start of slowly at all, and just over an hour later give birth. surely the induction wouldn't be worse than this!!!! oh well i will discuss with ob on thurs and let you all know the decision.

    thanks again for your replys keep them coming!

    love beckles

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    Jan 2005
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    One of the ladies in my pre natal class was induced 3 weeks early due to her bub being big. She ended up having a c-section.
    He was over 8lb at 3 weeks earky. She had 2 older children and as her new partner hadn't they went to the pre natal classes with us first timers!

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    Jul 2004
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    My waters broke at 39 weeks, however I wasn't having 'real' contractions, so they induced me that evening.... Actually, it was meant to be afternoon, but it took them over 5 hours and 16 holes in my hands to get the $%*%&$# drip in!! I swear that was one of the most traumatic parts of it for me.
    I went from tiny niggly contractions to HUGE painful ones within an hour, and I was permanently attached to the gas hose... I wouldnt even give it up when they asked!
    I then begged for an epidural, as I was so out of it from the pain.
    The epidural was heaven sent, I swear...
    The only downside to that was that I couldnt feel the urge to push, and I suspect the things moved along really quickly and I was dilated to 10cm for hours before the midwife even bothered to check me again!

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    mama mel Guest

    Hi Beckles,

    I didn't find being induced that bad... It was after around 55hrs of incredibly painful back labour at home, obviously with no pain relief though, so I think by the time I got into hospital I was prepared for anything just to get it all over with. I didn't get the gels or anything, maybe b/c my waters had broken? Just started with the drip. I did it with the gas and ended up having peth too but if that did anything I didn't notice the difference. She was born around 5hrs after the drip went in. I thought they were meant to monitor more carefully you so didn't dilate as quickly as some ppl have said..?

    How did you go with your ob yesterday?