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Thread: The most wonderful day of my life

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    Hi Ladies,
    I wanted to share with you the fantastic day i had yesterday.
    My little sister (27) gave birth yesterday and i was utterly blessed to be her support person(as was her hubby-who had trouble seeing his beloved hurting ).He suffered greatly to see her in pain.
    It is a day i will cherish in my heart forever.
    Her waters broke at 6.30 in the morning and contractions started at 6.45 every 5 minutes. The pain was horrendous for her.She headed off for the hospital and once admitted they did an internal which explained a lot. My little champion sister was already 6cms. Then the contractions started every 2 minutes and lasting about 30 seconds. It was very full on. She started to vomit and panic. We got her on the gas and gave her a shot of pethidine. Within 15 minutes she started to calm and stop hyperventilating. Her muscles were all in knots. I massaged her and kissed her and cuddled her and let her know i was right there. To not be scared, to trust her inner being. That she is strong, and she can do this.And its just like a ride or a wave it has a crest and a dip and to flow with it. To tell her to be soft and open. All this little baby wants is to be in your arms and to look at this wonderful being who created him. And told her how he will stare at her, because he knows you;and how she will fall so helplessly in love with him.She said "I want an epidural" I said no you don't thats panic talking. Don't make the mistake i made love. It will make things worse. You are so close. If you have it now they will have to drag him out and you will be stuck in bed for the next 3 hours. She decided having him dragged out was not a great option after the doctor concurred with me. We rocked together on the ball. She is like me in so many ways, she didnt scream;she almost wept. But then i was back on her case to get her focussed, and to not panic;the end was insight. She said "Oh my god-but Pauline its hurts sooo much" I said "I know honey,but you can do this;dont doubt yourself"It is a means to and end. "Soon the pain will change and you'll be able to push.
    They did another internal and she was 9cm's(not long now). I got her to stand and lean back into my arms. She was able to rock and stamp with the contractions. Baby was starting to get a little distressed(we thought)but upon discovery his little scalp electrode had come off and his head was only about 3cms from the opening so it was time to push.
    She cried when she was told to start pushing now but i got her to refocus and to look right into my eyes. I told her she was safe,he is fine, he needs to come out;and this is what you have to do. No one else can do it;only you- and the pain will change. She looked at me:and said whimperingly(really its nearly over?)I said yes baby, you have done it all by yourself all you needed was faith and belief. This is the home stretch. She started to push.I helped her lean right foward and squash her body up she grabbed my hand and body so hard , i held her thigh and her husband the other. Her strength was incredible. I could see him crowning, and could see his hair. She got her too touch him. Yes she did scream and say make the pain stop,and oh my god get him out,but they were brief lapses and she got straight back on to task.She cried as she knew it was nearly over. The contractions were long so she was getting three really hard pushes in with each contraction. She was getting exhausted. It seemed his head was never going to come out,then pop. He had such a tight ring around his head from her vagina,being stuck there so long. He had the worlds pointiest head;he looked funny. The pain ceased for a minute. They moved the cord from around his neck. His head was huge. No wonder she had trouble. Then the next push( a huge one)was his body.He is beautiful. They put him straight up on her chest. He was covered in blood and soo much vernix-all in his eyes.We were all crying. Even then all he wanted to do was try and look at his mummy.He was wonderful, she was incredible-he is so lucky. Afterwards the midwife said to me;have you ever considered being a midwife?You are amazing!She said you took away my job;i wasnt needed,she said she got to have all her breaks-that never happens. All she had to do was receive the baby. I said yes it had crossed my mind, but i dont think i could do it with as much love for a stranger. It was easy for my sister as i adore her.She is so proud that she did it without the epidural. She did get a mild graze(no wonder with the size of that head). They are both very well, and the baby is beautiful-pointy but beautiful. I looked at him while he was cuddled up on her chest and said little man you are a very lucky little boy to have such an incredible mummy. His eyes looked at me as if to say "I know". So Zachary Crucia Babore was born at just after lunch weighing 6 pound 7 and 51cms. He is wonderful. They are a beautiful family. I am an Aunty. She said to me"I hope i can be as wonderul during your labour as you were for mine".I'm due in November. She told me i was her rock and she couldnt have done it without me and as much as that made me feel very special. I know different. She is my hero.

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    aww that is sooo beautiful and touching!! Thank you for sharing that !!
    I hope that in 2 months time I am as brave as your sister.
    And btw - I think you should be a midwife... I'd love to have you for support too!!!

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    What a gorgeous story... you were such an amazing support to your sister. Well done to you and your sister!

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    Gawd, you SHOULD share the birth love hunny - well done!

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    Awww what a beauriful story.
    Thanks for sharing you've made me all teary dammit.

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