thread: Music Suggestions for Birth Montage

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    Music Suggestions for Birth Montage

    Hi all,

    Some of you may have noticed that I have been pretty scarce around the forums lately; one of the reasons for that is that I have been having a big working bee in order to get quite a few years worth of photographs and video catalogued, edited, printed, and burned. One of those projects has been the birth of our first daughter, Molly - I hadn't been able to do a birth montage or DVD for her because we had vitually no video and all of the photographs were 35mm.

    I have finally managed to get the negatives scanned and burned to disc, so I am in the midst of putting the montage together now. But I am stymied in choosing music to set it to. I am throwing it open to the lovely ladies here for suggestions.

    For Olivia's birth DVD we used a couple of really nice Westlife ballads, and that is the sort of music I am looking for - ballad-y type songs.

    Any suggestions?

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    We used "From this Moment" by Shania Twain and Bryan Adams. Everyone comments on the music. The lyrics bring tears to my eyes everytime and are soooo relevant.
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    We used 'At First Sight' by the Stems but that might not be ballad-y enough for you. I also love 'Shining Star' by Even and 'I've been waiting' by Matthew Sweet.

    What about Salt n Peppa "Push It" (I had this on my birthing iPod for a laugh)