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    i earlier posted a thread called practise run because i couldn't decide that i was actually in labour or it was(as the midwives told me ) a practise run. As it turned out i was in fact in true labour and already 6cm dilated by the time i reached the hospital at 6.30pm, this was friday the 2nd of march 2007. From then on in i was in full blown labour and 9 hours later after some very painful contractions and a brilliant midwife named Karen, My son, Patrick, was born at 3.15am weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces. i am proud to annouce that i did it with NO pain relief and NOstiches.

    i'm so proud of my beautiful baby boy and so happy i had to share it all with you.

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    Mattys Girl Guest


    oh and it was a water birth! it was fantastic! the baby was so at ease when he popped out so to speak!

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    Congratulations on the safe arrival of your little man Patrick. Great to hear you had such a great birth. Water births really are nice, aren't they

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    Congratulations on the safe arrival of Patrick ( no pain relief no stiches good job )

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    Congratulations and welcome to little Patrick

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