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Thread: Natural Birth with Genital Herpes

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    Oh that horrible stigma/panic in action!! Assuming the worst and no-one telling you it could be something else! Hun i am SO SO glad you got the birth you wanted and that your medical team were thorough and cared for you properly!

    Congratulations on your natural birth and on little Archie, i bet you feel SO PROUD.


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    Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy Archie. And congratulations on getting an OB that listen to you, and that you were able to birth naturally. enjoy your little man... they don't stay little for very long!!

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    Congratulations! I think you had a fantastic outcome in every way.

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    Congratulations Louisa, I'm so happy you got the birth you wanted. Thanks for posting about your false GH 'symptoms'; I think they probably apply to me too, although I may still end up with a c/s for other reasons. Well done, and welcome to baby Archie!

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