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    Default Newbie has a question

    Even though I've done this 3 other times; we all know things are different right each time?

    This time; I will be induced this friday, October 21st.

    however; My baby was breech til last wk. I was a "stretchy" 2 and thick still.

    Now its been 4 days since my appt and I am miserable. Its almost to the point where I want to go into the hospital so they can say its all in your head.

    I am NOT in active labor, but my back is absolutely making me cry, I am having more What I am assuming BH contractions (6 in 2 hrs); I feel very nauseaus (SP?) and have lots of diarrhea (Sorry if TMI).

    I am also having hot flashes.

    Of course my husband goes back to work tomorrow and if I'm in labor I'm in real trouble, he has a job where he can't just call in!

    What is your take on this? labor or not? just stress maybe?


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    I know you've done this before

    have you tried having a bath? I found when I was in pre-labour if I had a bath during BH's they would settle and go away for a little while.

    walking? If you are in labour then encouraging labour would increase whats going on?

    When I phoned the hospital during pre labour the midwife said to have 2 panadol and rest and if it was labour I'd know soon enough.

    I'm sorry I have no other answers for you 8-[ I hope it all goes really well & this little one behaves

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    I agree try the bath, if the pains get worse, then your in labour!!!

    I walked heaps & my labour this time was so much quicker than the first!

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