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Thread: nipple stimulation to bring on labour

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    Default nipple stimulation to bring on labour

    hello everyone
    went to see midwife on Monday and because im getting really close to the end of my pregnancy she suggested nipple stim i was wondering if anyone has been successful with this technique and how it all happened was it instantaneous ect
    and will it work with a breast pump

    any info will be much appreciated

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    This is one of the things I tried in the 2 week wait.... I was 11 days overdue, and had plenty of prelabour.
    Ummmm - I think its a good idea to try it when you are having contractions - like BH's. Get a warm face washer, and drape it over your breasts for a few minute (or get in a hot shower/use a wheatpack etc) . Then uncover one breast and use the pump.
    Use the pump REALLY slowly - hopefully you have a manual one. You will more than likely get some colustrum out at this point. Your nipples may be a little sore.
    Maybe play for a few minutes (like 5-10?) and then swap to the other one.

    You could also get DP/DH in on the action with his mouth. A prelude to that other "get the baby along" technique if you know what I mean?? LOL.

    I'm not sure about timing and everything like that - how often you should try etc, but I'm sure if you did a search on google, you would find some stuff on it.

    It didn't do anything for me, but then I ended up getting induced. I know it does help some people.

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    bianca_m Guest


    thanks fi
    i supose all i can do is wait till the time is rite
    ill give it a go but i dont have much faith in these things

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    Try having a look at the naturl induction methods on the main BellyBelly site found [url=]HERE[/url]


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    Im pretty sure nipple stimulation brought on my labour.I felt contractions each time I did it and DD was born that day xox

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    nipple stimulation stimulates oxytocin, the labour hormone. it's a great way to help with labour, as is orgasm (also stimulates oxytocin) but if your cervix isn't ripe, there are some other options that you might like to try as listed in the article.
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