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Thread: Nipple stimulation/expressing before Birth

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    Default Nipple stimulation/expressing before Birth

    I have been speaking to someone lately who gave me a good tip for those with GD. Apparently when you give birth, they are concerned about baby's blood sugar levels, so they tell mums that the babies need to have formula since their milk hasn't come in. So to avoid that, the tip I was given was to have mums do some nipple stimulation or pump before the birth to help the milk come in sooner, so you can breastfeed instead of formula feed in those early days. - Posted by Kelly
    I have a couple of questions re the above... nobody was answering in Medical Cond. So thought I would try here

    With Expressing before birth

    Should you do it a few times a day?

    Is electric breast pump ok as i have one?

    If I start now... is that ok?

    What should I do with the colostrum that I express?

    Thanks heaps...

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    Mel - I'd probably leave it for a few more days before you start the heavy duty stimulation. I think its best to combine them with contractions/BH's so you sort of make them more intense. There was actually a fairly detailed post on this about a fortnight ago - unfortunately I am a dimwit and dont know how to post links so maybe someone will come in and save me, or you might have to go looking. It was started by Nat (Rayla) I think?
    As for what to do with the colustrum - we are talking about teaspoons, so I dont think there is much fear about tipping it down the sink. You can definitly use it to rub on your nipples, but other than that, not much use at the moment for you. In about 3 weeks time it will be liquid gold for your baby!!! But I dont believe there would be any point in collecting it and freezing it til then. Bubs will get what they need from you then.
    HTH - and that you can find the other thread.

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