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Thread: Not sure what to do!

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    Default Not sure what to do!

    I hope this is the right place to put this!

    Well for when i go into labour we had my Aunty as the person to look after Lily, just until after the birth, when Jacob would come pick her up to meet her new baby brother. Well now it looks like she can't, as she cannot drive now due to an eye problem. We want someone to come here, incase it's at night, so Lily is in her own cot/room, surroundings etc, since she's never actually been babysat before. So not sure what to do now as she is the only family here. I have my godmother, but she also lives 40mins from here and well it just sounds too much for me to ask her, especially since she works during the day. Also have a friend here that lives down the road, but Lily doesn't like her at all, so seems a bit inappropriate, plus she also works during the day. What do i do???

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    I would suggest giving your aunt the right amount of money for a taxi. It might blow your budget a little, but this is a one off event, and I'm sure it would work out as the easiest thing to do.
    ETA: I have just looked at your wedding photos Tegan - they are GORGEOUS!!! You were a beautiful bride, and your family looked lovely. Well done

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    I have lined up two people JIC something happens to one on the night. I know you don't want to inconvience anyone, but if someone asked me to do the honour of looking after their child while going to give birth, I would jump on the chance.

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    I'm quite lucky. I have babysitters coming out of the woodwork all offering at once, just when I thoughtwe were going o have real problems.

    I agree with the others about the taxi!

    Good luck

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