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    Howdy all you fellow birthing virgins!

    I just wanted to share something that I've found quite helpful, interesting and inspirational in the last months.

    Not so many 1st time mums will have been able to see what REAL birth is all about before it's their own turn and frankly, what you get in anitnatal class is pretty watered down IMHO. I think what they show you is very limited but looking at 20 different perspectives gives you a better rounded idea.

    Lately I've been hanging out on the website 'youtube' checking out the various delivery videos and it's great to see such diverse and personal accounts of babies coming into the world.

    Some are very edited, you don't see any private parts and it's more about the baby and what happens to the baby once they come out....others don't edit much at all!!!

    So go to youtube if you're interested and do a search for whatever is relevant to you.

    Natural birth, water birth, epidural, caesarian, twin birth, delivery.....they'll all get you some hits.

    I think this kind of research is also great for dad's to be who may be a little shell shocked when they get into the actual situation, I've refered the site to my DF so he actually have 'some' clue of what goes on in delivery and what labouring might be like!

    So cheers, I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

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    Yeh the videos u see in antenatal classes arent worth watching... all out dated and feral!

    If i took everythign i seen, then id say i had a bad labour... the vids make it look so cushy and easy....

    Nothing better then seeing real time and up to date footage!!

    Ill have to check it out...i didnt think they allowed that kind of content on youtube.

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