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Thread: overcoming fears about labour and birth

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    Default overcoming fears about labour and birth

    Tomorrow I reach 37 weeks so I can start accepting labour vibes. In theory I want to go into labour as soon as possible but I'm a bit worried that I might be jinxing myself. I've read a bit on the pschological impact our emotions can have on going into labour and our birth experience and I'm beginning to feel that I'm in the wrong headspace for a positive birth experience. When Yasin was born my waters broke and I went into hospital feeling that I was going to have a baby by the afternoon but then I didn't go into labour and Yasin wasn't born until a few long and traumatic days later (his birth story is [url=]here[/url] if you have alot of time on your hands).
    I sometimes wonder if maybe I stopped Yasin's labour because I was tired and started to stress out a bit and now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to psych myself into another horrible birthing experience. With Yasin my goal was to have a natural birth but I only just avoided a c-sect and afterwards I really felt upset about the way things turned out. Now I'm facing labour a second time with the same goals but but I think that in the modern hospital environment its quite hard to achieve a natural birth without being committed to it; I'm finding it hard to fully commit myself in that whilst I know that its what I want my head is full of the what-if's and I feel that for as long as I doubt my ability to have an active natural birth I am undermining my ability to achieve it - does this make any sense :-k 8-[ .
    I'm trying to reassure myself that second births are differant and statistically women use far less intervention in second and subsequent labours.
    I was just wondering if anyone who has understood my confused ramblings can share some tips as to how to overcame my fears about labour and birthing before D-day arrives.

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    Ooooh Dach,

    I just totally give in to my body & let the contractions etc just sweep up in their waves & I just allow them, I embrace them & allow them to do what they are needed to do...

    With maddy I had intervention with Indah we were left alone for most of the time until it was time to push basically, lo9oking back I enjoyed labouring with Indah & as DH was there for her birth it meant alot more to me too...
    Not that I love either my girls more or less... But the birthing was more, symbolic I think....! For lack of a better word...

    I think maybe you need to tell yourself that the contractions are what are required to birth baby as naturally as possible...

    I'm not sure if any of this is actually helping, but by the time I was 1 week over I was desperate for labour to start & so I welcomed it & was accepting that each contraction would bring me closer, I also stayed at home until I really couldsnt handle them without a nurse telling me all was going well...

    I hope you can relax, maybe some meditation etc will help relax you to get you into the right mindset!???

    Best of wishes... I am eager to hear how it goes...

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    I understand what you mean Dach. I think when I have another one I will feel the same as you because Paiges birth was not what I had hoped it would be.

    I think the difference is that with 2nd and subsequent labours, we are wiser from our previous experience. I know I felt more confident in birthing Erin, because I knew what to expect and knew what my body had to do IYKWIM? I was also more confident in the decisions I made during labour (ie positions etc) and was not led by the midwives as much as the first time.

    Do what Tracey suggested and try some meditation to get into a positive birthing frame of mind.

    It is only natural to be a little aprehensive about delivery, but I am sure you will be fine and have a wonderful experience.

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