thread: Pain relief for first time pregnancies

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    kylie J Guest

    Pain relief for first time pregnancies

    Hi Everyone,

    I need some help.I am so confused about what type of pain relief for my first labour.I'm really worried about the birth.
    I know I want some sort of pain relief.I've heard horror stories about labour and just need some helpful advice.

    Anyone have any imput on
    Gas, pethadine and epidural.

    Please help.

    Kylie. [-o<

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    Sep 2004


    I havent had any children yet myself, but am definitely interested in what people's experiences have been with different drugs? And if anyone used some natural type pain relief remedies, what they were and if they were any good?


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    Mar 2004

    Epidural - very effective, but be prepared to be stuck to the bed because your entire bottom half goes numb, also a greater risk of having interventions because they reduce the feeling of needing to push.

    Pethidine - made me feel very sleepy and quite out of it. It didn't take away the pain but it reduced my perception of it, IYKWIM. Afterwards I couldn't remember much about the labour after having it.

    Gas - spaces you out for a few seconds, good as a distraction but as far as pain relief goes it does little.

    Well that's my experience!

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    May 2003
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    I have to be honest and say that I dilated too quickly to get any pain relief. I did ask, but it was too late!

    If I had got some in in time I would have opted for gas. Whilst I believe it doesn't take the pain away, it does blur the pain somewhat and of course really enforces good breathing, so for me that would have been the most effective style of pain relief.

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    Apr 2003
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    I had an epidural with both kids and plan on another one!

    It depends on what type you have as to the degree of numbness - I was able to walk around!!

    It also did not diminish my pushing urge - I had a stabbing pain in my butt which was most definately a push out pain!

    I thoroughly recommend an epidural - made my labour with Liam almost enjoyable!

    Best wishes

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Gas was nothing & actually made me panic with something in my mouth, so after having the drip whipped up to full blast, I could not catch my breath between contractions & so I was offered & gladly accepted pethidine, it gave me a chance to relax a little, it took away the pain & yeah, I felt out of it, but still in control... I will go that way again (If I need any pain relief!), it really worked for me!

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    Nov 2003

    i had gas and one dose of pethadine for my first labour.. iam going to try not to have it this labour as i was told its what made joshua so sleepy that he wouldnt feed, so im gunna see what happens this time without having it, see if they were right

    take care

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    Jul 2004
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    I had gas at first... which sent me off the planet... but as the contractions became worse and worse, I had the gas hose permanently in my mouth, and it wasn't making that much difference.
    I then had an epidural which was FAAANNNTASTIC... I think I had a really good aneasthitist (sp) as I was still able to feel and move my legs, but had no pain.
    I couldnt feel when it was time to push though, so I think I was dialated at 10cm for quite a while before the midwife even checked. But although I coulsnt feel the need to push, I still could push - very well, and it only took 20mins of pushing (with no outside intervention needed) for aidyn to be born (no tears or episiotomy either!)
    I would probably definately end up having an epidural next time around as well.

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    Jan 2005

    Hi Kylie,

    I had the gas with my first labour and i found it to be good, it just seemed to take the edge off the pain.
    I wouldn't have had an epidural even if it was offered to me, there seems to be to many risks involved when you have one.
    Anyway thats just my personal opinion.
    Take care Leah

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    leabdea Guest

    And if anyone used some natural type pain relief remedies, what they were and if they were any good?
    For my first birth (and the other 2 as well) I used relaxation and it worked very well. I didn't have any pain during contractions. I practised relaxation for the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy - 20 mins each night before I went to sleep (i.e. finding any tension in my body and consciously letting it go). There are books you can read that explain how to do it.

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    Feb 2003
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    For any labour - first, second, third... I always suggest to keep an open mind. Go in and give a natural birth your best shot, but there's no need to feel like a failure for asking for pain relief if you need it.

    I wanted a natural birth with my first and ended up having to be augmented with a drip and couldn't handle the pain. Gas made me sick (possibly because I had eaten a big meal that afternoon) and I went for an epidural and was very happy to enjoy my labour. Second labour I wanted an epidural but arrived into hospital at 8-9cms so I had to have a natural birth. Both labours I am very happy with the outcome - two healthy babies

    Things can always happen differently than you expect them to, so an open mind might help you relax a little more. I let me body do what it can, and if I can't cope, I know I have a back-up plan if I need it.
    Kelly xx

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