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Thread: pain therapy during birth

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    Default pain therapy during birth

    I'm no where close to birth (just about to start IVF), I've been reading all the birth stories on the forum and I have a question (yes I will be asking ivf clinic & ob-gyn as well).

    Most women seem to go for pethadine during birth for pain, what happens if you are adverse to using pethadine, is morphine able to be administered.

    I'm only asking because I have reactions to pethadine, not life-threatening reactions but enough reactions for the doctors to put on my charts that i'm allergic to it.

    thanks in advance.

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    I'm not able to have pethadine as well & they said the options were then going to be gas or epidural for pain relief. This time I'm going to look into alternative methods of pain relief, like a tens machine & hypnobirthing.

    Good luck!

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    Should you require other pain relief options there are a number available - depending on where you decide to give birth. I don't like pethidine and did not want an epidural when I was induced for Caitlyn. I was given a patient controlled analgesia (PCA) with a drug called remifentanyl that was short acting and administered small doses when I pressed a button. Talk to your care providers as to what options you have and keep an open mind to all possibilities - from natural pain relief options all the way through. You may be surprised what works for you!!

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    I found breathing techniques and visualisation really helped (I didn't think they would!!) along with my fave relaxing cd of jeff buckley.... I imagined the contraction was a 'wave' that was going over me to allow bubs to meet the world.I could feel it "peak" and then let it wash away... sounds very airy fairy but it worked for me!!(natural birth + gas). The gas really helps control your breathing to get thru the contractions.

    good luck!!!

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